Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Before I start I’d just like to mention that I hate criticizing Movies. I don’t like to nit pick too much because if I liked the film then it might ruin the enjoyment and experience of it. So it’s difficult to be critical with a Film I like.

“Superman Returns” was a really good film. I did enjoy it. If I were to nitpick I might say there was too much glorification of Superman in this movie, but then again, if he existed in our World I doubt things would be different with our attitude towards him. So I can justify the reasoning behind that.

The Film itself seems to be very much an introduction of the Superman Movie Universe, although this is a continuation of the Movie series with continuity taken from the first two movies this film pretty much is a set up for the sequels in my view. It does borrow plot elements from “Superman the Movie” in particular I thought with Lex creating his own piece of Land which has been established with the character already in the 1978 movie. So that’s Lex, this is what he wants. Superman saves lives. Lois is cynical, Kryptonite = bad etc. I for one absolutely love that Bryan Singer choose to keep this visually the same style as it was in the Chris Reeves Movies. Could you imagine if this film didn’t have the John Williams score? Could you imagine if this was a reboot, something completely new and nothing like the past movies? I shudder to think. A reboot is wasteful in my opinion, the Superman myth is well known, the first Movie could never be topped and ”Returns” pretty much explains what’s needed to be known without starting from scratch.

I went to see “Superman Returns” on the 19th of July 2006 in the Savoy Cinema in Dublin on O’Connell St. I viewed it in Screen 1, a fantastic screen to see it in. The sound is amazing, the best sound and probably the Longest screen in Dublin. Yes, even better than Vue Cinemas in “Liffy Valley Shopping centre Dublin” which claim to have the largest screen in Ireland. They certainly have the widest, but the length of Savoy screen 1 impressed me more. The last time I was there was in 1994 to see “Star Trek Generations”, I remember how loud it was then, I remember jumping when Picard walked into that force field. Shame on me for not going there since then! I’ve been to UGC (Now know as Cineworld) with it’s fancy 17 screens ha!I shall definitely be going to Savoy again to see future Summer films. “Spider-Man 3″ is penciled in for next year. But I stress screen 1. The other screen rooms suffer in awe of the sound from Screen 1.

As I sat waiting for the Movie to start the Superman Theme tune music was playing, a lovely touch that none of those other cinema’s have ever done. Adds a nice charm to the cinema. I thought back to last year when I watched “Superman The Movie” fully for the first time in years and years. I was totally blown away upon watching the first Superman film and it got be excited the whole year waiting for ”Returns”. Reeves is perfect as Superman, he captures the spirit of the Character so well I thought. I would say “Superman The Movie” is the greatest Comic book Movie of all time. That and “Batman Begins”. “Returns” started up and the opening credits just blew me away, pretty damn amazing and had me smiling and drooling with my mouth hanging open. Spacey, Routh and Huntington did really fine jobs and impressed me most. What I really loved in the Movie were the scenes with Lois and Superman, they were emotional and stirred my feelings more than any other Comic book movie has which is why I have praise for this Film. I wanted more Superman story by the end but we will have to wait till 2009. A long wait indeed, till then we got Spidey 3 in 2007, Batman 2 in 2008 to keep us going. Here’s hoping we get to see some more villains in the next Movie. Zod? Brainiac? Both?

Favorite line from the Movie “You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.”

– Superman

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