Miami Vice

What were you expecting to see? “Rush Hour”? Or perhaps something closer to the “Starsky and Hutch” remake? Maybe if Gong Li had done some Martial Arts moves, would you be happy then? This is what I was thinking as the movie patrons shifted uncomfortably in their seats, sitting up for the action parts and in the scenes where plot and character development went on they whispered to each other “this is boring”. The last time I heard talk like that was when I went to see “Sin City” last year. Does anyone actually know about the films they are going to see? Or do they just chuck the stereotypical two cops film into a comedy action movie category?I like Michael Mann. He makes great movies “Heat”, “Collateral” . He has also worked on great TV shows that I grew up watching “Crime Story” and “Miami Vice”. “Miami Vice” was a cool show that helped define the 80s. The Movie is as cool as the show, updated for the 90s but still has the fast car, beautiful women, love scenes, action and even Phil Collins. But unfortunately Eddie Olmos didn’t reprise his role as Castillo.

The Movie is the most beautifully shot film I have seen this year, the scenes around Miami at night are particularly stunning. The story is deadly serious, so don’t expect any wise cracks or looks. To me it’s very much like the original series. Except extended and bigger with higher production values. Colin and Jamie capture the characters well. Gong Li isn’t thrown in for her looks, she plays an important role and does it well. The relationship between her Character and Farrell’s is one of the most interesting parts in the film.

One thing I did find funny at the very end was the way Farrell as Sonny was walking into the Hospital. Watch the way his shoulders and arms swing.

It’s a film I’d gladly add to my DVD collection.

Favorite QuoteTime is luck.” – Isabella

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