Nacho Libre

I should really be talking about “Taxi Driver”’s 30th anniversary release and Bernard Herrmann’s fantastic film scores that he had done on this film and many others. Most of you will know him for his Scores on many of Hitchcock’s films including “Psycho”, “Vertigo”, “The Birds” and “North by Northwest”. It is interesting to note that his first and last scores would be on two of the Greatest films ever made, “Citizen Kane” in 1941 and “Taxi Driver” in 1975. He had completed the score of “Taxi Driver” on Christmas eve 1975, later that evening he died at his Hotel. Many of these classic films wouldn’t be the same without his score.

But, unfortunately I missed the 2pm showing of “Taxi Driver” that day and it was the only time that it was screened. So instead I went to see “Nacho Libre”.

Directed by Jared Hess, the same guy who directed “Napoleon Dynamite” which I had just seen a few nights previously and ultimately that was the reason that tipped the scales in favor of me going to see “Nacho Libre”.

Jack Black plays the lead role as Nacho, the wrestler who wrestles so he can buy food for the orphans. Based on a True story.
This would be one of Black’s weaker films, while funny in parts it’s not as good as “School of Rock”. It’s a film aimed at a younger audience, you can usually tell how young the audience they are aiming for by the number of Fart gags, and this film had many. Still, I don’t claim not to laugh at that. Some Farts were well placed, others had no use and wasted the genuity of the fart gag.

So overall it’s not the most entertaining film I saw that weekend. I was entertained a lot more by “POTC” (Pirates of the Caribbean). But if you want a few giggles and pass the time then sure, go see it.

Favorite Quote: “Come on. Don’t be crazy. I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies, and the clothes, and the fancy creams and lotions. But my life is good! Really good! I get to wake up every morning, at 5AM, and make some soup! It’s the best. I love it. I get to lay in a bed, all by myself, all of my life! That’s fantastic!” – Nacho

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