The Dawn

A shoe string budget, not the best acting, made by amateurs, but a damn good Film.

Reported to be the first full length sound Movie made in Ireland and produced by Film makers who were not by any means experts. It was made in 1933 I believe, although IMDB shows a release date of 1938 in the US. My details on this are a bit sketchy as it’s a hard film to find. My Uncle loaned it to me on a Video, he had recorded the film over 20 years ago on Channel 4. Most of my information is from him as he personally knew some of these people.

This is a Film about the Irish fight for Independence and tells the story of Malone family, their conflicting ideas on the war of Independence and their struggles to break free of their families past.

The film was shot in Kerry and Killarney. Killarney being the center for the Irish film Industry back in the 1910s, the boom been lead by the ‘Kalem Company’. A permanent Kalem film Studio was to be built in Beaufort County Kerry but due to the outbreak of World War I this never happened. Some say that had it been built Ireland could have been the Hollywood of today.

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