Rocky Balboa

Rocky is a Hero.

There’s no other way to put it. He is an essence of the words “never give up”. An Iconic Hero of American culture and a Hero to anyone who have found themselves in a bad situation and needed that extra will or strength to pull themselves out of it and keep on fighting. Rocky is that inspiration.

Why this film took so long to get made and why so many studio executives turned this down is just beyond me. Those who refused to allow Stallone to make another Rocky Film are complete and utter idiots and hopefully they are feeling the bitter sting of not financing this great film that without a doubt was going to be a Hit with everyone because everyone loves Rocky, people love a good soul and the philosophy behind the character. A character that probably encompasses the philosophy of Sylvester Stallone himself. A man who deserves more credit then the general movie going audience give him. He’s an intelligent guy. Through the years I’ve read numerous interviews with him and most recently his Q & A on AICN. Quite an honest man who is streetwise in the way of life, film making and body building, he has a strong character and is very determined. That’s why I think Rocky is the closest we get to seeing part of who Stallone is also. They both had tough beginnings.

I’ve always found the Rocky films and music to be a great way to get in the mood for exercising. I remember watching “Rocky” on DVD the first time till 4am in the morning and then going outside to go  running. They really get you into that frame of mind. Often I listened to the various songs and themes just before I went running. I even drank 6 raw eggs like Rocky (yes I know you shouldn’t do that). That’s the power of those films, they spark the get up and go inside you. Even watching Balboa in the Cinema I wanted to stand up and start chanting “Rocky! Rocky!” during the fight. Just like a real boxing match on the big screen. Stallone has brought Rocky into the more realistic realm of today’s boxing. He’s quite tuned into the reality vs. unreality in films today.

There hasn’t really been a Good Boxing Movie since Rocky IV. Cinema has needed one for a long time but all others have failed to live up to Rocky’s bouts.

The Rocky films are certainly fun to watch, sure the first two haven’t really been surpassed by the more Rambo franchise types of Rocky III and IV but if you are wanting something that comes above those and closer to the originals then Rocky Balboa is the Rocky film you’ve been waiting years for.

Favorite Quote:“The Heart is the last thing to age”

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