Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Lector would make a great Batman villain. He is intelligent, skilled in medical techniques, samurai sword fighting, he’s quite strong, emotionless and crazy. Now he even has a tragic back story so we can at least sympathies with the character and understand why he likes to eat people’s faces, brains and liver with a nice Chianti F! F! f! F! F! *licks lips*.

Hannibal Rising is not as Bad as you may think it could be. I had some doubts at first but I quite enjoyed it as part of the Hannibal Franchise. I can understand why people dislike it for it becoming a Franchise with various films depicting the character in more detail. He’s frightening but yet he is frightening in a way you expect him to be. You expect him to eat people’s face or cut them off and wear them on his. It’s Hannibal, that’s what we pay to see.

Gong Li. If I could gain her attention I’d eat people too. She is beautiful and innocently seductive. Any scenes with her would be my favorite. She should get a spin off movie where she starts to eat people. I see $ signs on that.

The villains are interesting. But there’ not really been a villain that has matched Hannibal’s vileness and creepiness, he’s never met a equal that could out think or out eat him. The back story with Mischa seems a bit empty, the twist at the end is surprising but doesn’t really add anything as Hannibal was already crazy and already eating people. From watching the movie “Hannibal” and “Silence of the Lambs” one would have thought both he and Mischa were teenagers during their traumatic time, Hannibal’s sister is too young to really compare to Clarice Starling which had supposedly reminded Hannibal of his sister. I really couldn’t see the connection to be honest.

The place where “Hannibal Rising” ends certainly leaves a possibility of future sequels. Fine with me, any excuse to have Gong Li back as Lady Murasaki on screen again. A few doors are left open in the movie continuity for more events to happen between now and “Red Dragon”. But what I really want to see is Anthony Hopkins back in the role of Hannibal Lector. “Hannibal” was left really open ended as to the ultimate fate of the character and I would love to see what happens or where he goes next. It would be a nice way to Bookend the Lector films. We’ve traveled this far with the character. Seeing how he became who he is. It would be nice to see how it ultimately ends for him. Even if it does end with him retired on a Beach somewhere drinking a liver cocktail. After so many films I want closure.

I feel I got my moneys worth. Not brilliant but entertaining. Not Hannibal but more of a Cannibal anti Hero movie. Not up there with the likes of “Casino Royale” or “Batman Begins”, but it’s better then most prequel and reboot films around. The plot does seem similar to the upcoming “Magneto” (from the X-men) prequel film in which Magneto goes after the Nazi’s that killed his family. These anti-Heroes are becoming a real fad.

Favorite Quote: “What is left in there to love?” – Lady Murasaki

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