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Rush Hour 3

A case here of not striking the iron while hot. This movie should have been made when Tucker and Chan were still on top of their game with these films. It’s not that the jokes are the same old jokes as … Continue reading

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Transformers is a great start to a healthy Movie franchise but I hope that Bay would move over and let someone else Direct. The first film was fine but we need something more than an action movie with nice car … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die hard

John McClane is what Hollywood action films of Today need, a hard nosed character with a sense of humor and is the real tough guy that fights with his fists rather than flipping over, spinning around and doing fuzzy stunts … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 3

Not only did it not live up to everyone’s expectations but it didn’t live up to it’s previous films either. It felt a bit all over the place. Lots of actions scenes, far too many, I would have liked it more … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

What a mess. Double crossing the double crossers who double cross cross the doubly double cross. With a whole bunch of cool action scenes, although no massive hundred ships battle as seemed to be tease and neither was the action … Continue reading

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