Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

What a mess. Double crossing the double crossers who double cross cross the doubly double cross. With a whole bunch of cool action scenes, although no massive hundred ships battle as seemed to be tease and neither was the action on the levels of DMC.

The talent of Chow Yun Fat was wasted all for the sake of giving Keira Knightly far too much screen time. Does this film have a story? I don’t know. I don’t know how a young kid could go see this and not wonder what the hell is going on. The beautiful opening of the film gave me high hopes for this one. The rest of it was another let down. The poorest of all the POTC films I’m afraid and not even squeezing in a dozen or so Johnny Depps into one scene could save this.

They killed off two great things that were in the previous film, the Kraken and Norrington after developing both so nicely in the previous film I had expected Norrington to have a larger role in this rather than a few lines, a pity. Lord Cutler should have not been in it since the character has nothing to him, Norrington at least had a goal and held all the cards by the end of DMC, why not allow him take the Villain’s role.  My favorite scene was the Sergio Leone homage as the two groups met on a piece of beach in the middle of the ocean, they even played the theme music from “Once upon a time in the West”, classic.  “At the Worlds End” has restored my original opinion in these films, mindless popcorn flick that appeals to the mass audience and don’t try to be anything else than that. But still, if you are going to be a mindless popcorn action flick which I too can enjoy at least let it make a little more sense. These characters had become friends by the end of the first movie, making them double cross and kill each other and then make it seem as if they were playing along with it all just doesn’t make sense. Take a look back at the original star wars films. Han Solo was a scoundrel at heart but in the end he couldn’tr betray or turn his back on his friends.

Favorite quote:  The world’s still the same – there’s just less in it. ~ Jack Sparrow

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