Spider-Man 3


Not only did it not live up to everyone’s expectations but it didn’t live up to it’s previous films either. It felt a bit all over the place. Lots of actions scenes, far too many, I would have liked it more if they were rolled into one large piece like in Spider-man 2 with the Train fight between Spider-man and Doctor Octavius. Nothing quite matched what was done in 2 and the final Battle Royale at the end was a let down. As with everything, the battles and amazement level need to go up from a previous film, not down. The worst part was at the end with the news Reporter adding commentary to the final battle I found that to be really cheesy.

Sandman, completely pointless. The film was delayed a year and the budget was higher to create the effects for Sandman but all were a waste for the character has no place in the movie. Tying him into the Death of Uncle Ben didn’t really work as throughout the film the character kept having a change of heart from good to evil. It seems even Sandman didn’t know what he was doing in this film. He had no real purpose in this film other than to please Maguire and Raimi since they are both fans of the character. But he wasn’t all that impressive visually either.

Venom was really underdeveloped as a Villain and Character, they did Brock well and Venom looked good on screen (except the voice) but Venom is a Villain that is supposed to torment and screw up Peter Parker’s life. He knows everything about Parker and Spiderman.
Peter and the Black suit, I didn’t feel we saw him as nasty as he should be, beating down on Villains more. The Black costume should do more than make him John Travolta (although that was my favorite part). I never really felt there was any love for the whole Venom or Black suit story from Raimi and it just seemed to be shoehorned into the film at the end. If anyone has seen the 90s Spiderman animation you can see they did the Venom arc so much better than this. I had been excited about Venom been in this movie but now maybe it would have been better to let another director take a shot at Venom and do the whole movie on him, but they can’t even bring the character back now. Although I have heard there is a Venom film in the works.

Is Spider-man 3 a bad film? Not at all, in fact I’d probably buy it on DVD and watch it again. But as one of my most anticipated movies to see this year and after waiting three years since the second film to see this I did feel let down because I had come to expect more from this franchise that seemed to be going from strength to strength. I would like to see a new Director take on the next three films and see what they can bring to it. Raimi has done his thing with the franchise so I’d like to see someone else add some freshness to it as it’s becoming a little familiar now.

 Favorite Quote: “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. My friend Harry taught me that. He chose to be the best of himself. It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right.” – Peter Parker

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