Live Free or Die hard

John McClane is what Hollywood action films of Today need, a hard nosed character with a sense of humor and is the real tough guy that fights with his fists rather than flipping over, spinning around and doing fuzzy stunts and kung fu fighting that has plagued many Hollywood action films of recent years. Die Hard 4 is an old but refreshing breath of air. Which is probably why I enjoyed it.

However, although tough, McClane takes far too much of a pounding (especially after that fight with the jet) but so easily stands up again with not many cuts or groans. Maybe the PG rating doesn’t allow him to suffer as much. That I can live with though, “the fighter Jet Vs McClane” was a fun action scene. Unfortunately, getting in the way of McClanes screen time was his overly geeky sidekick Matthew, Kevin Smith and the absolutely awful villain Thomas Gabriel. This guy has no charisma, he never seemed like a real threat to Mclane and basically looks scared anytime McClane talks to him. The poor casting of Gabriel really hurts the film. But I suppose that’s what you get when you make the main villain a computer hacker.

One great addition to the film was Maggie Q. She was beautiful, sexy and dangerous and should have been the main villain in my opinion as she could hold the screen better than Timothy (who?) Olyphant. While I am tired of film producers having to add a Token Asian Kung Fu girl to every action movie these days I really liked Maggie Q in this. The highlight was when McClane is getting the crap kicked out of him but when he has had “enough of this kung fu crap” he punches her in the face. It’s a scene that made me burst out laughing in the Cinema because it’s so Mclane and it’s just so true that many films are plagued with kung fu action these days. I love Martial art films and it’s action but everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. It’s been done to death, lets have some decent, good old fashioned fist fights. McClane’s answer to this is driving a Jeep into anyone with Martial Art Skills.

If anything, the success of this films shows that we need more hard action movies that we used to get in the 80s and early 90s. There is a gap that hasn’t really been filled by a new Generation. Till then I am more than happy to see the greats of Willis, Stallone and maybe one day Schwarzenegger do their thing. What they do best. You can’t beat what they did. Let it continue with Rambos, Mclains and Terminators for as long as it can.

 Favorite Quote: Mai? Asian chick, likes to kick people? Yeah, last time I saw her she was at the bottom of an elevator shaft with an SUV rammed up her ass. – John McClane

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