Transformers is a great start to a healthy Movie franchise but I hope that Bay would move over and let someone else Direct. The first film was fine but we need something more than an action movie with nice car shots for the sequel.

Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, his voice is that of an Icon and a Hero, I got goose bumps listening to him, it was such a nostalgic trip back to the 80s when I watched the cartoon and heard him. No other voice actor of Optimus Prime can match the grandeur that is in Peter Cullen’s voice and the goodness and morals of that character come through so well when Cullen voices him. Great to hear him again.

When I first saw the Transformers new designs I didn’t like them much. Not enough to be crazy mad or boycott the film because of them, but seeing it on the big screen in action they look great, the complex look and detail to the design very much suits the live action version and the rounder eyes give humanity to the Transformers that I hadn’t expected they would. It was really nice work and I wouldn’t mind seeing these designs evolve for the next movie.
The Autobot Characters were a fantastic team of funny individuals, the Decepticons were more characture villains. Things I still loved though were Megatrons voice and him telling Starscream “You’ve failed me again”, perhaps meaningless to most but as a fan of Generation One I loved the little moments that harkened back to the original series. It is unfortunate there weren’t more, but now that the sequel has been greenlit with a larger budget and now that the characters and story are established hopefully we will see more of the Transformers and their personalities emerge in the next two films. Personally I would love to see “Shockwave” in the Sequel.

Shia LaBeouf (pronounced ShyO Buff?) is like any teenage character in actions movies these days, far too geeky. I don’t get why teenagers represented on the Big screen have to be so darn dorky. The same goes for “Die Hard 4″. How about a normal teenager who isn’t an arrogant stereotype or the geek stereotype. I just hope when “Indiana Jones 4″ comes out next year that we don’t have to watch Shia geek out again like he did in transformers. Megan Fox was a waste of film and screen space anytime she appeared.

Favorite Quote:At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!” ~ Optimus Prime

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