Iron Man

I am Iron Man

An enjoyable movie with entertaining action scenes, but not up there with the best Comic Book Movies. It is perhaps more faithful to the source material than others might be. I wouldn’t rank it up there with the first two Spider-man and X-Men films and it certainly wasn’t the Batman beating film people hyped it to be.

The Film had quite a cool opening and exciting early scenes. The first half contained some very funny moments thanks to the natural talents of Robert Downey Jr, whom I was excited to see get the role. The parts of Downey showing the more humorous side of Tony Stark were far too little though and about half way through the film I felt it was running a bit long.

Indeed the heroic Iron Man doesn’t do too many goods deeds on his first outing and the trashing that Tony stark gets (whether in his suit or not) is quite unbelievable even for a comic book movie. Since the character doesn’t have human strength the idea of him been smashed into a wall as he tests his suit or crashing to the ground out of the sky just didn’t sit well with me. I compare moments like this to Men in Black II where the character of agent J hits his head repeatedly on overhead lights as he sits atop of a moving subway train.
As we all know from the film “Speed”, you’re more likely (even in a movie) to just lose your head.

But this is “just a movie” you say.

Yes, but movies do establish some types of rules for themselves. Generally you can tell if this is a wacky movie or if a character can be thrown off buildings and survive. At the beginning of Iron Man Tony Stark has a bomb explode in front of him which leads to his character suffering sever injury to his heart. However later he seems to take far more brutal punishment with a few scratches and a broken arm. This is what I often find a tad annoying, When a film establishes a rule that you can be hurt badly, yet later you won’t get hurt. I also found it curious why the magnetic chest plate that was protecting his heart would go so deep into his chest.
But these are minor squabbles. I think part of the minor let down I had was how excited I was seeing promos of this and seeing how faithful it was been. And considering Robert Downy Junior was in the lead role it seemed just perfect. Tom Cruise had previously been in talks to Star and Produce this movie although I doubt he would have done a Trilogy of Films.
Gwneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots or Potter Pets? Didn’t really try to do anything more with the part then what was written and made for a heroine that I didn’t all care that much about.

However negative my review may seem I wouldn’t put this in the “X-men III” or “Daredevil” category. It’s a good film. I’ll be back for the sequel but not rushing to see it and with my expectations a bit more well placed next time. In fact my only other taste of Iron Man beyond this had been the animated series in the 90s which I liked. I look forward to the Marvel universe been opened up more in the films as it was with the 90s Marvel Cartoons that had Characters crossing over on each others series.

A note to those who may have read this blog before. While on Vacation in Ireland I was able to view this at the ‘Savoy’ Cinema in Dublin which is one of those few theaters that I feel really is a cinema. One complaint though is that the sound wasn’t booming like it had been for previous movies I watched there. The sound volume certainly adds enjoyment to the film. I don’t know why it seems to be less bombastic, maybe some people were complaining it was too loud. Well, they got their TV remote at home for that.

Favorite Quote: “I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them. And I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero-accountability.” – Tony Stark

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