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The Incredible Hulk

What a perfect, highly entertaining, comic book movie. I remember the first time I ever saw The Incredible Hulk TV show, perhaps it was the pilot episode but I was very young at the time. I remember David Banner getting … Continue reading

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The New Starship Enterprise

Recently the Earth shook when this picture was revealed. Some loved it, some hated it. I personally didn’t know what to think, all I could say was WTF? If you’re not a Star Trek fan or if you are a … Continue reading

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Batman: The Cult

Before Bane ever came along the first man to break the Bat (mentally at least) was a man named Deacon Blackfire, a Ras Al Ghul wannabe who took baths in Blood and had a police record spanning decades with a … Continue reading

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Batman Venom

Another story where Batman is a broken man and one I found far more satisfying. Batman fails to save a young girl from drowning and in his anguish he tortures himself. First training himself to the point of injury and … Continue reading

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Batman Birth of the Demon

Apart from the Joker I would say that Ras Al Ghul is Batman’s opposite and equal. Both suffered tragedy in their lives. Both are highly intelligent and skilled men. They both have their own goals which are alike in ways … Continue reading

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