Batman Venom

Another story where Batman is a broken man and one I found far more satisfying. Batman fails to save a young girl from drowning and in his anguish he tortures himself. First training himself to the point of injury and finally in a weakened state tackling thugs that were responsible for the girls kidnapping and losing to them.
When he is offered Drugs that can make him stronger then he could ever be he at first refuses, but after his prior failure he reluctantly takes these Steroid type pills that will enhance his strength.
One note of interest is this strength enhancing drug was later used by Bane when he broke Batman’s back.

You’ll feel not pity but embarrassment for the Character of Batman with his addiction, how much he lowers himself to the need of the drug. He loses himself, he loses his way in the fight on crime, he loses Alfred, he becomes an instrument of his addiction.
However there is a strong will within Batman that shines through later when he battles against it.
I liked how Alfred was portrayed in this, his characterization is close to that of the Character in the Dark Knight. He is witty yet berates Batman for his unrealistic goals on his war on crime.

I enjoyed the story. Even the battle with the Sharks was pretty exciting and a little pulpish.

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