The New Starship Enterprise

Recently the Earth shook when this picture was revealed. Some loved it, some hated it. I personally didn’t know what to think, all I could say was WTF?
If you’re not a Star Trek fan or if you are a Star Trek fan but not open to other’s opinions then maybe it’s best you don’t read the rest of this.
Ok, you’re still here? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Let’s start.

To me the ship looks like the original series Enterprise and the motion picture Enterprise mashed together. It keeps the basic layout of saucer and nacelles. There’s a retro feel to it. Yet it looks awfully futuristic for a prequel starship. It’s also got some kind of classic muscle car look to it if you put some wheels on her. Others have pointed out that the engines seems to be inspired by jet engines and i’m inclined to agree especially when compared to the U.S.S. Kelvin which appears to have a propeller type nacelle.


Sticking with the Kelvin for the moment. This is the first design that Truly says Prequel to me. Far more than anything we saw in Star Trek Enteprise. But it seems anything beyond that in the movie is reinvented to give a futuristic look that goes further than anything see in Star Trek before. It only appears that the Kelvin was given the true prequel treatment.

But from a non fan perspective I asked a friend to take a look at these 3 pictures. I asked them for which did they like best. They picked TMP Enterprise and then picked the new design mentioning how it looks like an older version of TMP. I asked them then about the TOS design but they said that they thought it looked too clean and they didn’t believe it could fly in space.

Personally I love the TOS Enterprise best since it’s not only beautiful but looks functional. Beyond the others I felt like it’s the one that really could fly in space. I feel the redesign is a little bit too radical. The new Enterprise was designed by Ryan Church who worked on the Prequel Star Wars films and did some marvelous designs such as the Jedi Starfighter in Episode III ROTS. So I had expected something a little more prequel. But this is a prequel/alternate timeline.

What they could have done…

While I didn’t like Gabriel Koerner design so much I did like that he kept the basic overall shape of the TOS enterprise in his reimagination of the design. If I were to pick a redesign it would be even more simple, such as Jason ‘Vektor’ Lee’s redesign pictured below. However looking at the New Movie Enterprise it does look like they took some elements from Koerner design.

I do think it’s a shame that we’ll never get to see the original series Enterprise on the Big screen. Watching consititution class ship make a brief return on Star Trek Enteprise gave me goosebumps as to the possibilities of seeing her in large.

Looking back…

It’s interesting to look back at some of the more recent new Enterprises that have been in Movies and on TV in the recent years before now.

First up is the Enterprise E which I quite liked upon first viewing. I liked it because  it shows a different element of a Enterprise that came before her. From some angles she looks like the Excelsior, another angle like the Refit, or like Voyager. However later I began to feel that this is all the ship was, it had no unique design of her own to stand out as something else. There are fan designs on the web which do a far more attractive Enterprise E which takes the design linage from the Enterprise D. John Eaves designed the ship under the direction of Rick Berman who wanted a “Movie Enterprise”.

Next up is the Enterprise NX which at first glance looks like a rip off from the Akira Class. I was hoping for a truly unique design to match the unseen 22nd century but I felt very let down by this ship’s look or better put, shape. Frankly I didn’t even think it necessary for the usual Saucer design to be used. I’d hope for something a bit more sub like in design.  A bit less Advanced. Even the Kelvin would do in place of this. Bless Doug Drexler for adding the detail to the NX and making the ship look more original and suited to the 22nd Century.
In any case I will be going to see this movie and will likely enjoy it. I won’t let ship designs get in the way of that. I just hoped the new ship would have kept more of the original rather than doing a new design.

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