Quantum of Solace

Well this felt almost like a TV episode of James bond it was so short and unsatisfactory as to answering any questions raised in the film or the previous one. That’s not to say that Quantum of Solace is bad, in fact it’s quite good but by the time it got to the big action ending set piece I thought “what? already?” it came too soon. Since a sequel was a sure thing after Casino Royale fans were eager for a continuation of Bond’s story, people had even suggested the title “Property of a Lady” but the film doesn’t deliver as deep a story as many had hoped for.

I had hoped for a little bit more character development and a little more vulnerable Bond like that of the last film as I don’t want to see him become completely cold just yet. We’re still in the second film of the Craig era and Daniel Craig is such a fine actor who plays Bond with such acceleration and brilliance that I don’t want to lose that opening character and becoming a caricature of Bond. Judi “I don’t give a shit” Dench gives a bad ass performance. In QOS. M and Bond have a closer relationship, beyond just been Bond’s Boss she does sympathize with him and cares what happens to him, even Bond admits that she is almost like a Mother.

Some beautiful scenes such as the Opera House scene. Inspired by “Cowboy Bebop”? The action is well…great action and well shot although I don’t recommend blinking during the Car chase at the start for you might miss something. There’s a bit of conspiracy undertones in this which I hope they will continue in the next film since they didn’t develop it much in this one. I felt that there might be more to Tanner than meets the eye. Greene wasn’t much of a Villain, only a figure of a larger organization and one whom got his ass kicked by Bond quite easily.

If you watch this film as a continuation directly after Casino Royale it makes for a better movie. As a standalone film it doesn’t hold up as well as it has little else other than action scenes to sustain it.

Favorite Quote: “It’d be a pretty cold bastard who didn’t want revenge for the death of someone he loved” – M

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