Blood the Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire is based on the popular Japanese animated movie of the same name released in  2001.

It stars Gianna Jun, better known as Jun Ji Hyun of “My Sassy Girl” to the rest of us. She plays Saya, a Half Human Half Vampire who hunts Demons in the quest to bring out Onigen played by Koyuki of “The Last Samurai” fame.

The first half of the story is very close to the animated movie, storywise and visually. Though where the animated movie ended too early, this movie continues on with a deeper plot of Vengeance against Onigen who killed Saya’s Father.

The agency that Saya works for sends her undercover to a School on a US Naval Base. Putting on a Japanese school girl uniform I could say that my Jeon Ji Hyun fantasy was fulfilled and the rest of the movie really didn’t matter. But it gets better as we see her in some furious non stop action scenes where she takes on numerous demons. Some chick named Allison Miller is also in this movie as a pissed off General’s daughter. Saya has to spend a lot of time saving her ass out of pity.

The action is heavy on the CGI, all the blood sputters are CGI and I believe purposely so to give the movie an animated look as it resembles the animation very closely. Jun Ji Hyun is perfect in the role of Saya, so cold and calculated, she doesn’t even crack a smile throughout the movie except in some flashbacks. You’d hardly realize it was the same actress who played the crazy, adorable girl in “My Sassy Girl”.

There’s a lot of unexplained things in this movie which made me think they might be holding back something for a sequel. There’s a double cross half way through the movie but this plot point isn’t revisited and there’s no explanation as to why it happened. Also the Demons Saya fights seem drawn to Allison Miller’s character, trying to kill her every chance they get. Why is never explained, maybe they just needed an excuse to have action scenes with her in them. Her role is nothing else but to ask questions and get answers to what is happening on behalf of us watching.

Since the movie has Koyuki and Jun Ji Hyun, two actresses whom I consider to be among the top 5 most beautiful in the world I was quite happy to see them end up fighting each other. It’s worth the price of the admission alone to see them go at it. Although I’m not too sure as to the actual outcome of the conflict since it seems to take place in a dream world that isn’t real. It’s like the Director  thought the movie suddenly needed to end now and brought forward the final confrontation.

The real problem with the movie is that there’s no humor. It’s far too serious an affair for a movie with a Japanese school girl slaying demons for 90 minutes. There’s also zero chemistry between the main characters and I dare say that the translation from animation to live action was done too perfectly, looking too cartoony and dampening any sense of danger. Visually impressive and who doesn’t like half vampire school girls killing demons with a Samurai sword? Just needed more heart.

Favorite Quote: “You think the more demons you kill the more human you become, don’t you? How naïve.” – Onigen

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