Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

This was kinda a kick ass Movie. It’s not perfect, but so far, of the summers movies which I have been disappointed in, Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen is not that bad and at times quite fun!

In my review of “Transformers” 2 years ago I thought one of the problem was that the Transformers, in particular the Decepticons were charactures rather than characters, full of one liners from the original Generation 1 TV series and not much else. Revenge of the Fallen rectifies this greatly. I practically smiled with glee every moment Starscream and Megatron were on screen together. The characters are very close to their G1 counterparts and Hugo Weaving is sounds a lot like Frank Welker, I don’t know if he took tips from Welker or studied the animated series but he is definitely channeling some old school Megatron in voice and personality.

Optimus Prime has turned bad ass since the last movie. The Autobot leader who is respectful of all living things practically blows Decepticons away by shooting them in the face  head or ripping their head apart. In the previous movie he got owned by Megatron, he does so here too but gives some major payback. There is a classic scene in this movie that relates heavily to a scene in the animated movie where he turns grey.

The action will still make your eyes bleed, I sat further back this time and granted it isn’t as bad as the last movie but I still think there are too many up close shots in this. why not something from a bit more distance to appreciate the scale in it. There are Autobot twins in this that are basically two stereotypical black guys ripping on each other for comic effect.

The movie opens with some amazing action scenes set in Shanghai and a heroic entrance by the man himself, Optimus (Peter Cullen) Prime. I enjoyed the heck out of the first 30 minutes, even with all the crude humping jokes and action. It’s a hoot! However the middle section of the film drags heavily and the transformers take a back seat for a larger section of that film. The final half of the movie they come back with some F’ing amazing action sequences, but that’s all they are, big holy crap action scenes with big big explosions. But I’m not complaining. Those big explosions are impressive but not all that relevant to moving the story forward. I think the film is too long. I think a shorter middle section would be better. I still want even more transformers interaction even though I’m pretty happy with what I got in this.

Joygasms are as follows. Soundwave, voiced by Frank Welker although he stays in space in throughout the movie, Ravage (very cool) coming from Soundwave’s chest, I thought Ravage was very reminiscent of G1. The Matrix of Leadership! I thought we’d never see this since producer Don Murphy had say way back in 2006 that they didn’t want to confuse it with the Matrix Movies.

On a totally unrelated note, the promotional image of Optimus Prime above reminds me of a nightmare I had when I was very young, I dreamed that his head rose out from between two beds. The image above looks just like my dream all those years ago which I still remember.

I still want a more Transformer character based movie directed by someone other than Michael (Damn you) Bay, but I honestly don’t see how anyone else is going to top the amount of action and large set pieces in this. It would be a mountain to climb. They’d need something like a Giant Transforming planet or something *nudge nudge*.

Favorite Quote: “If God made us in his image then who made him?”Sergeant Epps

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