Ashes to Ashes

I love this series. Not only love but I like it far more than “Life on Mars”, sorry folks. “Life on Mars” is what got me into this but I think the series itself stands on it’s own. It’s less serious than “Life on Mars” and what makes it shine is the relationship between Gene Hunt and Alex Drake. The series captures the style of the 80s but the relationship between these two characters reminds me of the 80’s classic TV series “Moonlighting”. Gene and Alex hate each other yet their is an underlining respect and maybe dare I say, Love.
I got so addicted to this I watched series one and two in a week. The first season was an emotional roller coaster, the way it dealt with Alex’s relationship with her family. Her view of them as a child Vs how she sees them with her adult eyes in a less than perfect way. This arc is a bit similar to Sam’s arc in Life on Mars who had to deal with his Father dark background. But the final episode of season one’s Ashes to Ashes is far more devastating for Alex.

Series two took a different tone and dealt with 80s happenings relating to the police force more than Alex’s personal life. Ray and Chris have meatier roles and are far more fun then their 70s counterparts. The new character of Shaz went through a dramatic change between series and went from ditzy police girl to Chris’s master. Gene Hunt really shines in Ashes to Ashes. He just doesn’t give a damn about what he says to who, he speaks his mind and doesn’t regret. It’s refreshing, he’s the guy that speaks what most of us thinks. Not only does he refer to himself as the sheriff. He literally displays modern cowboy from the moment he is introduced riding in the Quattro as if riding on a horse to actually donning a cowboy costume. It’s a unique mix of sensibilities showing Genes methods as outdated, belonging to old times long gone when crime feared the police.

I guess growing up in the 80s and having an affinity with it is a part of why I like this show. Heck even my room still looks like the 80s in grey, white and red tones with striped curtains. I also love 80s music and this series has an abundance of some excellent songs.

Favorite Quote: “Fire up the Quattro! Take the seatbelt off! You’re a police officer, not a bloody vicar.” – DCI Gene Hunt

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