Doctor Who: The End of Time

“In the last days of planet Earth everyone had bad dreams.” No this isn’t little Britain, this is/was/will be the final adventure (for now) of the tenth Doctor David Tennant. The BBC gave Tennant a right old send off putting him on a dozen other shows on the BBC over Christmas, along with the idents (program introductions), repeats, sticking his excellent three hour “Hamlet” between the first and second parts of “The End of Time”. Tennant was the face of the BBC and has been such a large part of the popularity of Doctor Who. Heck, even my parents watched it. That’s how big of an event it was. I doubt there was many people who weren’t at least curious to see the final moments of this Doctor.

It’s a bittersweet feeling to see David Tennant leave, he has served the part of the Doctor so very well and is a fine actor. He deserves to move onto a great career. I won’t say greater since I think Doctor Who is one of those great golden roles that not many can play. It is in no small part thanks to Russel T Davies also for bringing the series back to life and putting it at the top of BBC’s agenda. Also big thanks must go to Christopher Eccleston who started the new series and captured the audience that would be handed on to Tennant. It was Eccleston that really got me into this new series and Tennant that held onto me too.

The final episode here isn’t the best in the run of the new series, I was delighted to see Donna back as well as Wilf, although Donna has a very small part. The Master is back too which is rather cool. The Characters of the Doctor and The Master are like that of Holmes and Moriarty. Enemies that respect the genius of the other. The Master’s plan is a little wacky but he is not the true enemy, that is The Time Lords. Power corrupts and as Davies put it, you can’t not be that powerful without becoming a corrupt society, interesting piece of social commentary there. It’s nice to finally see the Time Lords back onscreen. I had expected from the beginning that this was an Ace Card Davies was holding up his sleeve. Although I had thought this might be a full return of the Time Lord race as to put things back in place for Moffat, but the concept of “Last of the Time Lords” adds a darker tone to the character that I think will remains a large part of ‘Who’ lore.

Tennant’s ending is unexpected, the Master is the first speculation as to “he will knock four times”. But Davies writing is unpredictable to say the least. My guess has always been wrong with these hints he sprinkled throughout the series. It’s interesting to see back as far as season 4 in 2008 that there is a mention that the meeting between Donna and the Doctor is not by chance, but that was left open and wasn’t answered until New Years day 2010 when Wilf had to go and get himself locked in. Bernard Cribbins, you are an emotional delight to watch.
Here too in this series is some unanswered questions. Who is the Woman who voted no on the time lord council, the same woman who talked to Wilf through his TV, who was the second person who voted against the time lords with their face in their hands. Davis says that this is left open to interpretation to the viewer. Some say it’s the Doctor’s mother. Others say it’s his grand daughter Susan since the Doctor looks at Wilf’s grand daughter Donna when Wilf asks him who that lady was. My own opinion is that it’s Susan, his grand daughter but it might be something left over for Moffat in his series. Something to come perhaps. A cute little cut scene from the script that didn’t make it to air was the Doctor mentioning that he was half Human for a few days in 1999. Nice nod to an old unanswered question. It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey anyway isn’t it?

The 10th Doctors death is certainly slow and milked for all it’s worth. I think it’s nice to see him get to give a nod to all his companions, the one with Jack in the Bar was hilarious. Most heartfelt was the lotto ticket to Donna from her father Geoff Noble given to her by the Doctor, Geoff Noble was played by Howard Attfield who appeared in The Runaway Bride but died during the filming of season 4.

10’s last line “I don’t want to go” is perhaps the most realistic view of the passing of the Doctor from one regeneration to the next. Since he loses that personality that was unique to him. It’s a powerful moment and we are suddenly thrown into the hands of the 11Th Doctor and the adventure begins again! “Geronimo!”  which sounds like it was taken from a character in a Humphrey Bogart movie.

The End of Time wraps up the final adventures of The 10th Doctor along with the era of Russel T Davis as head producer. It’s a shame that Tennant and new Head Producer Steven Moffat won’t be working together on a new series but with both Tennant and RTD’s departure there is a clean slate for Matt Smith and Moffat to work on, creating their own look and style to the series. I’m terrible excited about what’s to come from Moffat who wrote some excellent episodes of Doctor Who so far.

Favorite Quote:You’re a genius, you’re stone-coldbrilliant, you are, I swear, you really are. But you could be so much more. You could be beautiful. With a mind like that, we could travel the stars. It would be my honour. Because you don’t need to own the universe. Just see it. To have the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space… that’s ownership enough.” – The 10th Doctor

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