Iron Man 2

I found this rather enjoyable. I remember when I watched “Iron Man” two years ago I was a bit critical of it. I watched it recently again and felt it had less problems, maybe because my expectations were lower for the second viewing. With Iron Man I felt it was only providing a taster of what was to come as a lot of films seem to do these days. The appetizer before the main course. Iron Man 2 certainly ramps things up and provides the action I was wanting from the first movie. There are more comedic moments too especially with Stark at his Birthday party and Stark talking with Nick Fury at the Donut shop. Downey lets his hair down more here.

The funniest part of the Movie though was the Stan Lee cameo, best one yet! I hope they continue this trend with further Iron Man sequels as Lee’s cameos in them are really fun to watch. This one gave me a good laugh.

Although this time the film seems more generic. I found the switching back to Micky Rourke’s character as he “slowly” made his plans, suit and documents to the US taking up unnecessary time and reminding me of older comic book and 80s action movies with the bad guy on his way to give the good guy a good ass kicking. The good guy comes back from the ass kicking of course after training/building a better suit, weapon etc.

Ivan Danko/Whiplash is a bit of a generic villain too. One that I lacked sympathy for compared to Dr. Octopus in Spider-man 2. I was glad that the Villain is one on equal footing of technological intelligence as Stark. I like that the Character is Russian as I was hoping for a villain the likes of Titanium man.

At times I wondered if Stark’s disease is more of an allusion to the Demon in the bottle storyline then actually doing it. We see him drunk, out of control, he is sick, he has a problem he can’t talk to anyone about, War Machine has to take the reins from him. War Machine is, well, War Machine! A walking gun advertisement.  I’d like to see the demon in the bottle storyline in the next sequel but I think they’ve done a bit of it here already. Maybe it’s too dark for a family audience? But it might happen since Downy and Favre seem to think we are seeing the early stages of Stark’s drinking problem here. For a sequel which I have no doubt there will be, where will it go?  I hope they do the demon in the bottle storyline. Possibly we’ll see the Mandarin too. I hope for more Scarlett Johansson, the red headed bomb shell black widow is sex.on.legs.

The after credits scene isn’t nearly as interesting as the first film. I thought finding something like Captain America in ice might have been more exciting than what we got. But obviously it’s referencing the Marvel film furthest ahead in development.

Some geeky things I want to address from my own pure geekness. Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory) storyboarded parts of this, in particular the action scenes. Love this guys work.  His eyes are in the wide scope when he draws action.

It’s not a Dark Knight beater or a Spider Man 2 beater. But it’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s still a bit too long of a film like the first one. I thought a more tighter film would be better.

Favorite Quote: “You have *a* big gun, you’re not *the* big gun.” – Iron Man

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