The Expendables

The Expendables is the kind of Movie that gets you in the mood for pumping some iron in the gym, coming home and putting your feet up with a cold beer in one hand and a Cigar in the other. Stallone has an impressive line up of hard men, most from the glory days of action movies. The biggest driving force behind this film is without doubt the cast. A little more semblance might have made this a stronger movie. While the action is balls to the wall the good guys come out of this with nothing but a few scratches. I was hoping for something a little more raw, like “The Wild Bunch” with a handful of the cast making it back.

The scene between Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone is cute and too short. We can only dream of a movie with these guys together in their prime, but i’ll sure as anything take this over nothing. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

If this film had been made a few years earlier we may have seen these 3 go at it. Quentin Tarantino had stated before his idea for Inglorious Bastards was to cast Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis in main roles. But his plans came to fruition too late. Stallone’s Expendables brings us the closest to that dream.

Jason Statham is alongside Stallone for most of the film and I feel as if Stallone is in a way passing his torch on to Stathman. The thing with Statham is that while he is a hard b*stard I don’t buy him as a skilled martial artist, but rather an actor who learned the moves for the role. He got this image from the Transporter movies and has taken on the persona of action Hero in U.S. movies which I find a bit hard to fathom. I find him to be far more menacing in British Gangster movies and is far more threatening with his words and appearance than any of his martial art moves. All due respect to the guy but I think his real qualities are being overshadowed by these types of movies.

Stunning Steve Austin is in this and I was a bit disappointed he didn’t have a bigger speaking part. After seeing him in the Film “The Condemned” I thought he was rather suited to being on the side of the good guys. I didn’t realise he would be playing a henchman. I dare say he could have carried the main villain role himself.

The action here is crazy and bloody like that of Rambo, a small nit pick I have with it are that the cuts in this film are too fast, from scene to scene, angles/shots change rapidly barely giving you time to seethe action happening before it changes again. A bit too fast and furious. I would hope Stallone might have taken a page from his co-star Jet Li whose films often have longer shots showing the full glory of the action and dynamics of the fight.

Speaking of Jet Li, his role isn’t too large either and he gets tossed around a little too much for a Martial Arts Champion, I don’t really get the “I’m small” conversation, are we trying to express the moral value of size doesn’t matter? But wait, this film is for adults, not kids.

Stallone himself is wicked as usual and a total bad ass, his role and the action reminds me of Rambo in a way. Micky Rourke is coolness defined but it’s a shame he didn’t come along for the ride to redeem his character’s haunted past. Dolph Lundgren plays a character with a drug problem and I get the feeling the movie has another message, “don’t do drugs”. He might have made an interesting main villain than the business man like Villain of  Eric Roberts. Honestly, you need hard men against hard men. I hope Dolph has a bigger role in the next movie and yes there will be a next movie. Lets have Van Damme, Seagal, The Rock, Mr. T and every other bad ass muscle action hero the world can muster.

Nit Picks, why is it that after they ignite the fuel they dumped by plane onto the docks that the plane itself doesn’t explode since they don’t stop the fuel dump until after the docks are blown to bits? According to the action of “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” (which also features Willis) the escaping plane explodes due to it’s fuel being ignited and the flame following the fuel trail up into the air. Ok I understand it’s a movie and it doesn’t have to follow real world science but who didn’t watch that and think “Die Hard 2″? Ho-hum. I was screaming in my head “turn off the fuel before the plane blows!”
It was a nice touch to have the names of stuntmen at the start of the end credits. These guys don’t get enough credit in most movies.

Favorite Quote: He wants to be president.– Barney Ross

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