Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter has transformed from a children’s movie into an adult movie and I don’t think I’ll ever look at the characters in the same way again. Gone is the cuteness of the characters replaced by raw emotion of teenagers becoming adults. This is without doubt the darkest movie yet. It’s scary. Everything is going from bad to worse and I kept worrying throughout the movie who was going to die next. For some reason I’m reminded of the 1985 animated Transformers movie where major characters were killed off.

I missed seeing Hogwarts and Dumbledore in this movie and their absence plus the darkness and maturity makes this unlike any other harry potter movie from before. Harry, Hermione and Ron’s journey holds up the movie well which shows the finer acting skills of the main cast.

The opening action is fantastic and a real thrill ride during the chase. It’s like nobody is safe anymore and between this movie and the half blood prince the bad guys have won out. Hogwarts run by Snape. The ministry of Magic under control of dark wizards. Harry Potter a wanted wizard and the rise of a fascist regime wizard state where muggles and half blood wizards are a lower class of citizen. This time I feel Umbridge fits in very nicely with this crowd. It just gets darker and darker, the visually bleak film and framing (parts remind me of ‘The Road’), the soundtrack, the Heroes, the villains.

Again I’d like to mention the similarities of this and Lord of the Rings. 1. We have our heroes go on a journey to find the Horcruxes and the weapon which can destroy them. 2. The Locket, worn around the neck seems to have the same dark effects on the character as the “One Ring” does to whomever wears it in LOTRs. 3.Destroying all the Horcruxes will destroy”he who shall not be named” as it does destroying the One Ring and Sauron in LOTRS. My only guess is (and I stress this is a guess having not read the books) that Harry might be one of those Horcruxes from Voldemort’s attack on him as a baby. Also I think this because of the way the Horcruxes reacted to Harry in “The Half Blood Prince”.
Speaking of “The one who shall not be named” I was wondering why Harry was now using this to describe Voldemort when during the previous movies he unafraidly said his name.I learned that it is because in the books Voldemort has set up a magical tracking spell on anyone who uses his name which would enable his death eaters to locate them. It’s little details like this that makes me interested to read all the books after I finish the movies.
Loved the animated segment and the story of the deathly hallows, it adds a further level of mythology to the series beyond Harry and Voldemort.

The Hero of this movie is Dobby! Not only does this CGI character look amazingly real he also has some funny scenes and pretty much saves everyone’s asses a few times. Not annoying at all and it was a very pleasant surprise to see him return. I’m glad they gave his scene the top billing in terms of death. If they had showed other characters of importance dying onscreen I think it might have detracted from the impact and emotion of this one. It’s quite beautiful and heartbreaking in a way. The beach itself reminded me of the beach in my hometown.

So now Harry Potter has broken his wand, then Voldemort doesn’t need any super wand to use against him. Well Harry’s pretty screwed at this point and it’s going to be a blooming long wait I tells ya. 8 months. But undoubtedly part 2 is going to rule next summer.

Favorite Quote: “Such a beautiful place..to be with friends. Dobby is happy..to be with his friend…Harry Potter.” – Dobby

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