Battle Royale Novel

The most violent novel I have ever read I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel like this that has made me squince at the detailed description of violent acts and murder preformed by the students.

The message of the novel,  well it deals with dictator ship, bad people who come to power and societies attitude towards it. Basically comments on people’s passiveness and collective thinking allowing dictators to govern and bad things to happen while the general public concern only themselves and thus evil succeeds because good people do nothing. The issue of trust is explored too, can anyone really trust each other if they are told they will be killed if they don’t kill. It’s a rip situation for paranoia bordering on the Orwellian.

Shogo is the Hero of the story in my mind. He wants to tear down the fucking country even though he knows at heart what he can do is very little.

Unlike the movie when The third man’s plan falls it’s pretty horrid as it almost all came together. The movie shows this but it’s over all too quickly and the tense dramatic buildup is completely missing from the movie.
Kazuo Kiriyama, is this guy ‘The Flash’? He practically can dodges the speeding bullets of anyone that shoots at him yet others are falling into the line of bullets often. When Kazuo gets a bullet proof vest he is pretty much Superman and how he is killed at the end is just unbelievable after all his beyond lucky escapes.

Favorite Quote: “I’ll Tear this fucking country down” – Shogo

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