For me, memorable movies or TV shows are the ones that usually shock me most or make some emotional connection to me. Also it’s usually because they’re really that good. One of my all time favorite shows which has finished it’s run was Nip/Tuck. It’s a show that constantly tried to push the boundaries of Human drama with it’s take on the plastic surgery industry and it’s two main protagonists. The 6 seasons seasons of Nip/Tuck often made me laugh at how crazy it all was. Other times it created high tension as I was glued to what was happening onscreen. Sean and Christian really got themselves into perhaps the worst situations imaginable.

As the series progressed the focus turned more onto their age and how they were fighting against it. Sean being a single man had the opportunity to explore relationships in a capacity Christine had done for years. But at the heart of it all what he really wanted was his family back. At heart Sean should never try to be like Christian, he was never suited to that, but circumstances forced him to fight himself. Christian on the other hand was and always will be a man who knows what he wants. He goes through brief periods of wanting a happy stable life that Sean sometimes seems to display but in the end neither can really escape themselves.

The show had a bit of a face lift in season 5 with the move from Miami to Hollywood. Sean and Christian too changed, starting to be become more like parodies of themselves in these later seasons, playing up on their inadequacies and showing them in a more pathetic light. I thought putting the two characters on their back feet was a little unfair and showed them in a more comical negative light than simply negative. Their age played a factor again and it seemed to drive home the idea that screwing around the way these guys did would only lead to unhappy endings for them. Let’s say a bit too much Karma came into play.

But even after all that, I still loved the show, it exceeded the boundaries of what was considered tasteless television and constantly tried to yank the carpet from under us. Which is why I was so disappointed by the series final episode. You’d think they’d pull out all the stops to make this a unforgettable ending, and the producers knew well in advance that this end was coming. Yet what we got was a story focusing more on the secondary Character of Matt, Sean/Christian’s son. The ending was rather small on the characters fates. The momentum of the final season had seemed to be building towards something explosive but it ended as a small character piece. Maybe it’s impossible to top what they did in the past seasons but they could have tried to do something that reflected all those wonderful shocking moments and high drama that came before.

Favorite Quote: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself” Sean/Christian

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