Thor is another perfectly well made film from Marvel. Visually it looks great, there is a strong cast of actors to geek out about, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, James T Kirk’s father as Thor and Luke Skywalker’s Ma. Having Kenneth Branagh as Director seemed like a stroke of genius for the grandeur of Thor’s storytelling. They pretty much nailed it.

My only real pick with it is that the film feels a little bit on the small scale, visuals and casting aside the story seems rather on a smaller scale, even placing the film in a small town seems to strengthen that thought. This isn’t really a problem for me. My grip is that it just seems to represent a somewhat recent trend in movies to save goods till for the sequel. I can understand that, but also I want the biggest bang for the buck. I want the Chris Nolan philosophy of movie making. Don’t hold anything back for sequels, make the best film you can now. With “The Avengers” coming next year I thought this movie was holding back the goods for that. Compared to “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man” the importance of this movie is the introduction f the character of Thor, introducing him well and blending the fantastical world of Norse Gods with the more scientific approach of Iron Man etc.

My first knowledge of Thor came from the 1980s movie “Adventures in Babysitting” (i kid you not). A mechanic named Dawson is mistaken by the little girl for Thor. My other knowledge of Thor comes from the early 90s animated Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four series. I also saw the character in the Incredible Hulk Returns. Thor is pretty cool guy.  Chris Hemsworth does a great job of playing the arrogant God of Thunder, he plays the humor of the character’s ignorance well and by the end has matured Thor into a Hero worthy of his Father and the audience. His physic is impressive and doesn’t just look like a beefed up guy but one who i quite athletic. Portman plays the heroine and is not completely a ditzy but obviously more attracted to Thor for his biceps than anything else. The relationship wasn’t completely sold to me and I’m growing a bit tired of shoving the love relationship in these movies to attract the female audience. It’s a necessary evil but it’s just not fresh anymore. I guess ‘m more interested in the flawed alcoholic super heroes these days.

Favorite Quote: “She searches for you.” – Heimdall

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