Coolest Movie Motorbikes

Batpod: The Dark Knight

From “The Dark Knight” this is a massively badass Bike. What makes it even cooler is that it’s part of the Tumbler. It’s the two front tires of the Tumbler as it bursts out. While we all want a bike like this to drive it would be extremely difficult to ride in reality as it’s a new style of Bike riding with those big tires on it. The stuntman that drove the bike in the film stopped riding other Motor bikes so he could stay used to riding this bike during film production. Another cool motif of this is the way the cape from the Bat suit flies over it’s back creating wonderful imagery for the final scenes of the movie.

MotoTerminator: Terminator Salvation

These Terminator Motorbikes were in the most recent Terminator movie and not only do they drive themselves, upright themselves have machine guns on either side but can actually be ridden by humans if caught. Might it be a design flaw for skynet to put handles on this baby? I had a good look at this bike in a Terminator Exhibition in Japan and it looks like it’s cannibalized from other Terminators. You can see what looks like the torso of a Terminator and even clearly see an exoskeleton arm. This might be party because it was original conceived as a T-600 riding or becoming a Motorbike. McG describes these as moving the way skateboards do. His view of Terminators in T4 is the machines using existing technology and adapting it for themselves, such as fighter planes, motorbikes etc. All of them having a rustic, dirty feel to them.

Light Cycles: Tron

Ok, so it’s not really a motorbike, it’s a computer game motor bike, a lightcycle and it was never built in reality and if it spewed off into a wall it would smash up you and your bike into a thousand pieces. Designed by Syd Mead (respect!).

In Tron Legacy we get an updated version of the original.

What’s really great about this is that you can buy it for a nice cool price of $55,000! I don’t even need to think about ‘if’ I want it. I want it.


Ceramic, double-rotor two-wheel drive, computer-controlled anti-lock brakes, 12,000 rpms. Maybe the coolest motorbike ever. The gran daddy of them all from the iconic anime film Akira. Coveted by Tetsuo but owned by Kaneda. A real life replica was made back in 1988 by a custom Japanese motorcycle shop called WhiteHouse. The replica unfortunately does not work. However there are many bikes around Japan these days that seem to have been partly inspired by this design.

Turbine: Galactica 1980

Flying Motorcycles from Galactica 1980. Technically not a movie but it was edited together and released as one. Forget the show, remember the bikes which were the most memorable part. These bikes not only flew, they could turn invisible and were mounted with lasers. In reality this bike is a modified Yamaha MX 175.

Indian Scout motorcycle: The World’s Fastest Indian

This is the only real motorbike on our list that exists in reality since it’s based on a true story. The bike is ridden in a position not too different from the Batpod where the driver is lying across the body of the bike rather than sitting on it. It’s top speed is over 200 mph. This is a wonderful film by the way and I highly recommend it to anyone

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