Death Wish 3

As soon as I saw the Cannongroup logo come up I thought “awww sh*t!”. Cannon been famous for making low budget bad movies. Responsible for the likes of Superman IV the Quest for Peace (although I liked it better than Superman III).

In the opening scenes of this movie we see a man in his apartment get beat up by a bunch of thugs who have just broken in. This intercuts with Bronson’s character Paul Kersey arriving at an Airport. As I watched I thought Bronson’s character couldn’t be that unlucky to know this poor man could he? Considering what happened to his family in films 1 and 2 it’s seriously bad luck that just as he arrives in New York to meet his friend as that friend is brutally attacked. But oh yes, as he makes a phone call at the airport the phone at this man’s apartment Rings and we make the connection that Bronson’s character is one seriously unlucky ba****d. Or either anyone that knows him is since they’re the ones to get knocked off in each movie. This is the third Death Wish movie I have seen in the series. There are two more sequels left for me to see and I’m guessing it’s not going to get any better for this guy. At this stage I have to wonder does this character even need an excuse to be a vigilante anymore?

As Paul gets arrested for his friends murder (unlucky again) a bunch of cops beat up on him, he gets thrown in jail with no chance of a lawyer or a phone call, but conveniently the next morning the Cops have a change of heart and release him on the condition that he become a vigilante again and blow away some bad people. That’s right, this guy is working as a vigilante for the cops now.

We are introduced to other characters in the movie, all of whom are set up to die horribly in order to justify Paul’s continued vigilantism. We get introduced to Paul’s friend, a young married couple, a ex war veteran and a cute female Lawyer who all get seriously messed up. As a vigilante Paul doesn’t do a good job of saving people, but his retribution is absolutely brutal. We just know he is going to kill a lot of thugs in this movie, even at the stage where he is shown a Browning M1919 machine gun and says he won’t use it.. as a viewer you just know he will. It’s Chekov’s Gun. Not only is it used but also a rocket launcher makes an appearance for the big finale. By the end of the movie everyone is shot up and most of the neighborhood Paul tried to protect has been blown to bits. I can’t help thinking a couple of vigilantes would clean up well considering past events with rioters, but in this movie the odds are stacked evenly. Everyone has got a gun and it’s a case of the bigger gun wins.

Favorite Quote: “A .475 Wildey magnum is a shorter version of the African big game cartridge, it makes a real mess.” –  Paul Kersey

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