Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

It’s hard to believe that the first Mission Impossible movie came out in 1996. While they are all under the same name I have found each film to be very different. This been due to the Directors having vastly different ways of visualizing the story and action and each film having a different cast. MI:1 was very different to Woo’s MI:2 which was…very Woo….ish and there’s nothing wrong with that. Tom Cruise knows how to pick some hot directors for these movies. But the films feel so different that the only thing I find that each has in common is the name Ethan hunt. I don’t think the Ethan Hunt of MI:2 is the same as MI:1 or MI:3. In 2006 JJ Abrams took a stab at directing the third film. At the time I thought it had a somewhat TV feel and took some story points from “True Lies” and again changed the character of Ethan Hunt to a Husband. MI:3 has aged well with further viewings. This 4th film is Directed by Brad Bird who takes over from JJ Abrams which freed up Abrams schedule to Direct the next Star Trek movie for release in 2012. Unfortunately that’s what Abrams didn’t do and we have to wait till 2013!(excuse my geek rant).

This is Brad Bird’s first live action Directorial debut. His previous Directorial duties of note been “The Iron Giant” and “The Incredibles” which made me pretty excited about what he could bring to the live action Mission Impossible franchise. I’m happy to say it is the most balanced Mission Impossible Movie of them all. A perfect blend of action, comedy and drama. It really feels like a proper franchise as the differences between this film and the last aren’t as jarring. Ethan Hunt feels like the same character from the last movie, there are some characters carried over from the previous movie which gives it a greater sense of continuity. Simon Pegg has a larger role and is a very welcomed comedy element in the movie. I usually favor tonally darker Spy movies, but with Bourne and Bond been so serious these days I’m glad to have an action romp with comedy.

Tom Cruise seems very comfortable in the role and is clearly enjoying his time in the Mission Impossible franchise. Performing his own stunts and at times taking the piss out of himself in particular on his asent and desent on the world’s highest building in Dubai and the final action scene where he pushes a button. It’s great fun to see. I hope he stays longer in this franchise before passing it on to another actor because he is a great actor. I like all of his movies with the exception of “Knight and Day” which wasn’t as good and tried too hard to be comical for the sake of been comical. Cameron Diaz wasn’t suited to the movie either. But besides that I find Tom Cruise movies to be “event” movies. You always get your moneys worth and he has really cemented himself as a Top class action hero with these films.

I watched this film on an IMAX screen which was just perfect as a lot of the action is in IMAX and I think this should be the way forward for Cinemas instead of 3D. Watching IMAX movies I always feel the audience is more attuned to the film. The IMAX screen demands the audiences respect, it creates some kind of old cinema atmosphere where people were once impressed by the largeness and grandeur of the cinema screen. Combined with the scale and speed of the action in “Ghost Protocol” which had me wincing and laughing, it’s a perfect match.

Favorite Quote: “Mission accomplished!” – Ethan Hunt

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