Happy Together: All about my Dog

It seems every year we get a few sentimental Dog movies from Japan involving a family’s relationship with their treasured loved one. The pet Dog. ‘Happy Together: All About My Dog’ is a series of six short movies depicting the love shared between master and pet. The opening stories of the movie are of a comedic nature and are a bit too silly to laugh at. Featuring fake news pieces called “Visits to Dog Lovers” on Dogs and their owners which boarders on the idiotic instead of comical.I was ready to walk out after the first 5-10 minutes but I thought I couldn’t fully criticize it if I did so and also I had paid for the ticket.

The final two short stories are far better value for money. The second to last is called “A Dog’s Name”, a deeply touching story of a man suffering from the early on set of Alzheimer’s disease. Although the focus is meant to be the Dog this story shows the harsh reality of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the loved ones who take care of them while having to watch the person they love disappear bit by bit. The subject matter is dealt with well here as seen through the eyes of the man’s wife. What it shows is that there are some things worth holding onto in life even if everything else starts to slip away and that the nature of a pet that loves indiscriminately shows us one way of dealing with the hardship in life such as this.

The final story “Vanilla Fragments” is about a girl whose previous pet Dog has died. People tell her to forget about her previous pet but each day she is still reminded of her dog by things around her. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet dear to them will relate to this especially.

It’s unfortunate that this film starts off so weakly with the silly comedic stories but if you can sit through those you’ll be greatly rewarded by the final two stories which will very likely leave you with wet eyes.

Unless you’re a cat lover…..

Favorite Quote: “A Dog is always waiting to see what it can do for you” – Masato

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