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Star Wars Saga Marathon

There are some things in life that you have to do at least once. Eat an ice-cream at the beach, spill hot coffee on yourself, kiss a Camel. For the fan boy there’s a few more options. One of them … Continue reading

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So i’m just sitting here now sipping on a warm cup of tea, listening to the sound of the city’s tram groaning along the tracks down below and contemplating what I have just watched. Episode 3 of Series 2 of … Continue reading

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A Trip to The Moon

George Melies’s imagination was limitless. Not confined by budget or practicality. His mind soared as far as he would allow and if he had been alive today I think his films would have been extraordinary and unlike anything else. Combining … Continue reading

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Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is the best looking 3D movie I have ever seen and while I don’t like 3D and think it’s a gimmick the Director Tsui Hark makes good use of the effect. With that said I … Continue reading

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