Chronicle is the best of the Dragon Ball Z Films. Except it’s not Dragon ball Z. It just looks like what Dragon Ball Z should look like in terms of action. So why was it that Fox could make a movie as good as this yet smeg up so badly when they made a live action Dragon Ball movie. It seems if they have no understanding of the material to begin with there can be no misunderstanding of it.

Chronicle is a great movie. Whether it be a “found footage” movie or not. It’s simply a very enjoyable film that shows the journey of three ordinary teenage boys who gain powers and how they deal with them. It’s a classic super hero narrative. The hero and villain are created from the same accident/alien/separate biological incident whatever. Then as the story progresses one of them starts to get drunk on the power, becomes deluded. The other has no strong interest to use powers to fulfill desires or control but is often forced into using his powers and eventually it’s up to the better man, now the hero, to stop the Villain.

I could predict who would be the villain in this movie. It’s quite obvious where one of the character’s is heading compared to the others. I thought that might have been a manipulation on the film makers part to make the audience take the eye off the ball with the other character’s who might have turned rotten. The hero of the story has some unexplained background. Not going to school etc. I thought there might be something else going on behind the scenes. But it was predictable in the end and there is nothing wrong with that as most Super Hero movies are set up to have a clear Hero and Villain from the start.

For anyone who has watched ‘Akira’ or read the amazing ‘Akira’ and ‘Domu a Child’s Dream’ manga you’ll see a lot of inspiration taken from those. ‘Akira’ most of all. In particular the last 15 minutes of the film are lifted from ‘Akira’ with the scene starting in the hospital. When you see it you’ll know. We now have a generation of film makers climbing the ladders who grew up with the likes of Akira.

As for the “Found Footage” aspect it’s not overly done. There’s no terrible shaky cam for those of you with motion sickness. It is filmed stylishly and doesn’t depend on trying to make the found footage feel too authentic. The Director allows himself to film it as a film.

I imagine this is going to be a film not many people know about right now but in a few weeks everyone is going to be talking about it.

Favorite Quote: “Yes, it was the black guy this time.” – Steve

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