Doctor Who Series 3 & 4 or (29 & 30)

Season 3 of Doctor Who starts off in the vein of Pirates of the ‘Caribbean’ with the Doctor becoming more adventurous and swash buckling to the theme of music that sounds a lot like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ music. By the end of season 3 he turns into Dobby and then becomes Jesus and it all ends with an ending of Return of the Jedi mixed with Flash Gordon. RTD let things edge a bit too much towards homage and like for all these other popular franchises. Martha Jones is a weak companion and like Rose she is in love with the Doctor except that the Doctor doesn’t love her and still pines for Rose. Awkward!

Still season 3 did have some high points with “The Family of Blood” two parter and of course Steven Moffat’s Blink. The Master returns by the end of the season as does Captain Jack whom are both out of character, the master acting zany like Tennant’s Doctor and Captain Jack becoming a caricature of himself with little else to do except die…

But with all that said it was a fun series finale even if the Doctor did become God like with everyone using their power of thought to help him.

Season 4

Now that’s more like it. I had been really against Donna Noble returning to Doctor Who as I had never liked the character from “The Runaway Bride”. But she turned out to be one of my all time favorite companions. Firstly because there is real chemistry between Tennant and Tate, they play off one another well and are quite funny together. Their second encounter in season 4’s ‘Partners in Crime’ had me in stitches laughing. What also works is that Donna isn’t swooning over the Doctor unlike previous companions. As she says she doesn’t want to “mate”. What’s great about her is that she takes the Doctor down to size. He often speaks with a condescending authority over humanity and Donna is the first companion to clip him around the nose for it.

I miss the Doctor/Donna relationship. It was short and sweet much like Season 1 was with the departure of the 9th Doctor. Donna’s faith at the end of series 4 is in some ways worse than death and the final 15 minutes of the episode ‘Journey’s End’ contain some of the most heart breaking scenes in the new series. This would be the final full 13 episode run under Russell T Davis before the Specials. He threw everything into it along with the kitchen Sink. Daleks, Davros, Torch Wood, all the recent companions including Rose and Davros’s plan for the destruction of Reality itself. The return of Rose wasn’t the most exciting and I thought too much emphasis was placed on her. She is just a companion in the end.

Time Travel Analysis: The relationship between the Doctor and Donna is hinted as been something more from early on in the series but instead of a “Bad Wolf” type message being sent into to the past it’s more of a echo from the future to the past about where these two character’s are heading.

In “The Fires of Pompeii” the Doctor discovers that although his job is to protect the fixed points in time he realizes that he is actually responsible in the first place for the fixed point, a sort of predestination paradox. By choosing to not interfere he would be interfering with a large historical event. So he must act in order to preserve history. That’s an interesting idea because it gives credence to the fact that while Timelords do exist outside of Time they are also a necessary part of events that happen and even with their Time travel capabilities there are events that must and have always happened because of their discovery of Time Travel.

Favorite Quote:  “Is that why you travel round with a human at your side? It’s not so you can show them the wonders of the universe, it’s so you can take cheap shots?”– Donna Noble

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