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Doctor Who Series 5 & 6

Series 5 Or series 1 or series 11.1 or series 31 If I were to sell someone on this series of Doctor Who I might say it’s the Sci-fi version of Harry Potter. That might be a stretch for some … Continue reading

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Star Trek Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm

The second and also somewhat surprisingly final book in the Romulan War series of Enterprise Books, the beginnings of which started back in the Novel ‘The Good that Men Do’. With this book I feel the Prime universe (are we … Continue reading

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Taxi Driver

I’ve waited for this moment for 6 years. To see ‘Taxi Driver’ on the big screen. I missed two previous opportunities, one in 2006 showing in Ireland and the other last year in Japan. Finally I got to see it … Continue reading

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Enterprise Season 1

Before Janeway, Picard, Sisko, Spock and Kirk…there was Enterprise. Back in 2001 the first Starship Enterprise ventured out into space on our TV screens. I remember at the time that it was strange that this unknown Historically significant Enterprise had … Continue reading

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