Men in Black III

Why did I see this… Maybe a hope for a better film than II was which was a mess. Maybe because Josh Brolin is in it and might bring something new to this movie. Maybe because of the time travel aspects since I’m a sucker for Time Travel stories. It is better than II, not as original as the first. Mildly entertaining and passes the time. It’s an ok film, the production values and Will Smith make it better. I was never really eager to see a sequel made the first time round and it’s one of those movie series where I just wonder who did want a sequel to this?

Agent K is erased from the present day time by an evil Alien named Boris who goes back in time to kill him. Agent J is the only one to notice the fracture in the timeline and starts drinking chocolate milk (don’t get it). So in order to save the world he must travel back in time to save K and the world from Boris who is just another two dimensional villain along with all the other Men in Black Villains.

There are a few laughs but nothing that’s laugh out loud. The Aliens in New York joke has been done in the previous movies so they go back to the 1960s to milk that era. There’s a bit of set up where Agent J is warned about the racial prejudices in the 60s, fortunately they only do one gag on this. It’s something that has been done to death in other movies but I didn’t see the reason to point it out before agent J time jumps back to the 60s. Why not just show the gag by itself without the history lesson?

I liked the Alien’s style of the 1960’s New York looking more like cheap looking “man in a suit” Alien costumes from Sci-Fi shows of that era instead of the usual CGI creations. Nice touch.

Josh Brolin is very good as a young Agent K sounding very much like Tommy Lee Jones and at times like George Bush. I wonder if there is a future sequel will they try to work the younger K into it as it seemed to me that Tommy Lee Jones’s character was being replaced by the younger self. Jones is getting visibly older and might not be so interested in running around chasing Aliens anymore. Just starring as one in coffee commercials….

There’s an Alien Character in this movie that helps J and K. This Alien can see the many possible outcomes of future events, which sounds like a pretty interesting concept for a stand alone movie. I found it unnecessary though to add a character that could predict future events when we already have J who traveled from the future with foreknowledge of the past and the two possible futures. The ones with and without K. Which made the precognitive Alien rather pointless here.

The ending is predictable to say the very least and there is a point where you pretty much know what will happen to a certain character. The big finale at the Apollo 11 launch site reminded me of ‘Star Trek Generations’ finale with Kirk, Soran and Picard. Seriously. The Rocket is there. There’s the object that they are fighting over that is key to the Rocket launch, there’s the countdown. Very similar.
This is also the 3rd time I have seen Apollo 11 be used as a plot point. It was used in ‘Transformers 3′ it was used in ‘Doctor Who Series 6′ and it’s used here again.

And sorry but I can’t look at those one wheeled bikes without thinking of that South Park episode that features them….

Favorite Quote: “I’ll tell you the only thing you need to know.” – K

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