The Woman in Black

It’s nice to see ‘Hammer’ films back again. It’s a strong comeback here with Daniel Radcliffe leading the picture.

Gone are the dramatic scores and long reveals of Ghosts. The tone of this Hammer feature has changed to keep up with today’s Horror films, taking ques from the most recent offerings of America and Asia. But unlike the silent terror lurking the shadows that may or may not be real in those country’s offerings here we have an out and out ghost film. There is less left to the imagination as to the authenticity of the Ghost as we are shown it fairly early on in the picture even at times unknown to Radcliffe’s character, Mr. Kipps.

The woman in black herself IS quite creepy and she’s not a chick i’d be interested in messing around with. I found it almost unbelievable how calm Mr. Kipps could be around this pissed off Ghost who likes to get in people’s faces or how he can so nonchalance dig around in the mud with his hands for dead bodies in the dark of the night. I think part of the audience’s fear comes from what the character if experiencing onscreen.

The somewhat unfortunate thing is that the most frequent scares in the film are from sudden happenings throughout, such as a slammed door, or bird flying out of the fireplace. These scenes take the emphasis away from the scare factor of the Woman in black and puts it on shock horror moments that try to make you scream in fright rather than feel prolonged fear. I’m more of a prolonged fear type of guy.

As for Mr. Kipps resolution to he Woman in Back, I can say, “nice try”. It seems to be the most likely solution to the problem with most Ghosts in these movies. Find out what pissed them off and then fix it. Why not try grabbing a priest and doing some sacraments too.

Favorite Quote: “I believe the most rational mind can play tricks in the dark.” – Daily>

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