Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure what to think of this one. I’ve been hyped about it for months. Well it’s a mixed bag of sorts. In ways it can be an Alien prequel and does hint at what is to come but it can be seen as a standalone film too. However the appeal of the movie seems to rest with the ‘Alien’ xenomorph aspect of it and I don’t think such a movie would have this kind of budget or design without bending to that. It doesn’t work as a stand alone story. Unlike ‘Alien’ or ‘Aliens’ or heck even ‘Alien 3′ I don’t feel this is a film that you can randomly jump into while looking for something to watch. The audience for this movie are those who have followed the ‘Alien’ franchise. Which is a shame because they could have done so much more if they stuck to one idea and made it a more intimate story. But here there is no real satisfying conclusion.

The basic concept was Humanity finding that their creators might be from another planet. The film would explore the idea and the philosophical implications of it. We do get that for a moment, but the concept is bludgeoned by playing the scary Alien Card. People getting acid in their face, being attacked by strange alien creatures, People getting infected, people getting impregnated, people dying, people burning.The funny thing is the focus isn’t on the Xenomorph. It’s supposed to be about the “Space Jockeys” now known as “the Engineers”, but by the end of the film we don’t really get an introspective view of these Aliens in our lives, why they created us, but instead a new question is brought up. Why do they want to kill us?

Ok, as someone who HAS anticipated this I liked it. It is a beautiful looking film and I liked the parts that dealt with the genesis of the Xenomorph. The “Engineers” to some degree were interesting and I was glad to finally see some of their back story revealed. Michael Fassbender as the android David was excellent and the exploration of his character’s facets were some of the more interesting parts of the movie (Blade Runner anyone?).

Ridley Scott has said that to reach the point of the first ‘Alien’ movie it would take another two more films. I question why that is necessary other than to become another franchise series. I don’t think the story needs to be stretched out that much. A fuller story could be told in one or two movies (as was originally planned) but what is the point of a third film other than to get that magic trilogy? When are we also going to see a sequel with Scott busy on so many other projects including a Blade Runner sequel.

Random geek nitpicks: WTF is that black goo. It seems to have a different effect on everyone it touches. Now this seems to be a quite convenient plot device and confusing too. But we’ve seen this before with the Red Matter in Star Trek 2009 Alien prequel by the same writer Damon Lindelof.

The Prometheus vessel. Lovely ship design but I don’t imagine this as a ship for traveling long distances across space. From it’s design it seems better suited to atmospheric flight, more of a drop ship.

Didn’t we see a somewhat similar storyline done before in ‘Alien Vs Predator’? A team go to the Antarctica to explore an ancient temple that worshiped gods that were actually aliens that visited earth thousands of years ago. Even the ending is similar. Just saying..

Other Sci-fi franchises such as The X-Files, Stargate and Star Trek have done the “human’s come from Aliens” idea before and have developed the idea far better than here.

Finally, the Engineers found on the planet were there for 2000 years. So the plan to go to Earth back then was because? People stopped worshiping them and started believing in Jebus? Why didn’t other Engineers go or check out LV-426 to see why they aint heard from anyone.

Prometheus is flawed. It seems to be stuck between being a stand alone film and being a prequel to Alien and leaving sequel room compromised the story. What’s good though is that we are finally moving away from crap like ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’ and trying to move back into more mature storytelling.

Favorite Quote:There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing.” – David

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