PROMETHEUS Review Part 2: And another thing!

The cast

Charlize Theron. Now besides been able to portray a stunningly hot woman in a space suit in the film just by standing around and doing a few wet push ups I really have to question the validity of her character.

She’s an Oscar winning actress who we know can play very strong female roles that we would not want to mess with. But all she does is stand around on the ship and incinerates someone’s boyfriend with a flame thrower. She could have made a very strong female lead but her character doesn’t do much and I wonder why spend the pay check on such quality casting without using her more.

Noomi Rapace. I haven’t seen ‘The girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ yet (so shoot me) but here Ridley also cast a strong female lead. I just wonder if he was looking for another Ripley with this casting but the character is thrown around into so many situations that the emotional story is not there. Her bf gets turned into fried chicken, yet there are no scenes following that where she reflects upon it. Of course having an alien inside you might do that, but when she gets over that surely she has lots of things to be pissed about. Nope, now she has got to go talk to Aliens with some old man whom is largely responsible for her woes. But we don’t get that “fu*k that company!!” line or a “you bitch!” line that the character sorely needed.

The two guys navigating the ship who made the bet about whether or not it’s a terraforming mission. Probably the most redundant characters of them all. Could you get anymore generic movie type character than these two guys who just sit around throwing in some dialogue about their bet and in the end sacrificing themselves? Compare with ‘Alien’ where every character had an extra dimension or at least seemed to think for themselves, not blathering on about the same thing till they DIE!
The Captain, Janek. He willy nilly sacrifices himself and the ship just like that as soon as he is told about the threat. What about exploring all the possibilities? “we gotta die? OK no problem, whatever you say!”. Wouldn’t a more realistic thought first be “Fu*k that sh*t, I aint blowing myself up”.

Thoes two guys who get left inside the pyramid. Whatever you call em, lets say Ippy and Dippy. Whose sole purpose are to get killed horribly by alien type creatures. Fine with me but it’s the way they do it. One of them sees a white alien snake (insert penis joke here) and tries to touch it saying “come on baby”. So you’re on an Alien world and this is your very first encounter with an alien that you have never seen before in your life, that you know nothing about and your first reaction (as a scientist!) is to touch it?

Mr. Weyland. I don’t really have too many problems with this character or the make up. I’m just disappointed we couldn’t have seen more of him in the movie. There were promo virals for Prometheus that I felt dealt with the subject matter they were exploring in such a better way than the film did. One of the Virals was an excellent speech by a younger Weyland who I hoped would be in the movie because Guy Pearce is a great actor.
Ridley Scott does have some of the blame in the use of the characters but this guy is a visual film maker which is why his films look great, he can tell a good story too. However a story by Damon Lindelof is not one worth telling. This guy has fu*ked up the intelligence in Star Trek and now Alien.

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