The Bourne Legacy

Some dude kidnaps a Doctor and takes her half way across the world to score some drugs.

Legacy is the aftermath of the previous Bourne Trilogy. I like that for once we have a main character that smiles and is a bit lighter in humor. Jeremy Renner does a perfectly good job and i’m glad that they didn’t try to do another character similar to Matt Damon’s.

One problem about the Bourne Legacy though; the new beginning/continuation doesn’t up the ante of the previous movies. It stays consistent and even borders on cliche with the whole super agent made by drugs thing. It has everything you expect from a Bourne movie and i’m not sure if it’s good enough to know what I’m paying for when I go in. The first Jason Bourne movie took the spy genre to a realistic gritty level with a serious character, impressive action and a story of a man that stretched out over 3 movies. It’s because of these films that other Spy Movie franchises like James Bond had to up their game and come back with an equally gritty movie. The Bourne films continued to push the envelope with Director Paul Greengrass adding the Documentary style feel with shaky came and bringing the character’s journey full circle.

But it’s everything you expect from a Bourne movie so admittedly I did enjoy it quite a bit and was impressed with pretty much everything. The shoot out in the lab was terrifying, the action scenes were brutal to the point where during the bike chase scene I threw my hands in the air and winced. There was a scene that made me groan disapprovingly though because I don’t believe it’s something we’d see in other Bourne movies and just tells me that this movie is setting itself as something atypical. The scene that sums that up is when we see the words “no More” written on a mirror. It’s a smelly ‘I’ve seen it before’ moment.

If they bring back Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne for the sequel and have these two guys pair up ala Avengers then my gods… That would be one hell of a sequel and exactly what this franchise needs to step up. I can’t think of any other movie where the two main spy heroes of their respective films join up. Bring it!

Something a bit unrelated. Rachel Weisz. I didn’t know she was in the movie. I was looking at the character Dr. Marta thinking how she looked like Rachel Weisz except she looks younger and less pretty. Then I see the credits and Sh*t it was her the entire time! She’s quite unrecognizable and …plain! What’s going on there…
Favorite Quote: “Five? The Number five? You know how many times we’ve met? Thirteen. Thirteen exams over the last four years and that’s what I get. A number? Number five.” – Aaron Cross

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