The best Bond Film ever? I don’t believe so. The best Daniel Craig Bond film? Not as good as Casino Royale but way better than QOS. Skyfall comes across as a more intimate way of telling a Bond movie but when you’re dealing with a 200 million dollar action movie how intimate can you actually be? Spoilers ahead.
So it’s a more personal Bond movie but what is more personal? Ok, definitely he’s branded as an aging man who has lost a bit of his nerve. But for an actor who represents a fairly young James Bond and this being only his third movie isn’t it a little early to get into the “I’m too old for this shit” type of character especially since Craig (now 43) has signed up for 2 more Bond movies. Better get to work on those fast!

What I do like about the personal journey is that we see Bond the drinker which is something from the books that hasn’t really been illuminated onscreen before. Yes we have seen Bond drink but getting shaky hands and being unfit for the job we haven’t. I like seeing the vulnerable side which is so often not shown. As for the background on Bonds past there is nothing new here. In the previous 50 years of Bond movies we all knew that his parents died when he was young. There isn’t really anything new brought to the forefront of the Bond legend and his parents past still remains a mystery. I remembered a rumor before around the 40th Anniversary that a film that had a plot revolving around his parents Deaths was going to be made with Sean Connery playing Bond’s Dad, Andrew Bond. I would like to see some film finally deal with Bond’s Past in some definite way. Some might say ‘leave the mystery’ but knowing is also half the fun ala Harry Potter.

There are similarities to ‘On her Majesties Secret Service’ yet the main difference here is that instead of the movie ending with Bond crying we get a final scene where everything is Honky Dory and we discover that Eve is actually Robin, I mean Moneypenny! Which is strange because what did the character actually do? Who did he save? The Villain’s ultimate objective was complete, M dies. Bond kills the baddie Silva but Silva was just about to blow his brains out anyway. Bond doesn’t save the hot chick of Silva’s. His home gets blown up, his Aston gets blown up, he gets shot twice, he becomes an alcoholic and he cries! Why is there an upbeat ending for a character who was this time defeated in so many ways.

As for the ending I miss the BIG endings that we have had in other Bond movies. I like that Sam Mendez tried to do something different but probably the reason why it’s not totally successful is that we spend too much time hanging around in Wayne’s, I mean Harry Potter, no! I MEAN Bond’s Home. Anyone else notice that the most successful movie Franchises deal with Characters who have lost their parents at a young age? Luke, Harry, Bruce, James.

As a 50th Anniversary film it is full of nice homages to previous movies and doesn’t do it to death like ‘Die another day’ did. It’s the most Bondish film of the Craig series and sees to be a step from prequel territory to early Bond movie territory with the introduction of 3 new character to the franchise.We also have a very (great) Bondish theme song with women in the opening credits too.

Best things about the film are Roger Deakin’s absolutely stunning cinematography. A lot of the character’s are in silhouette at times representing their dark/shadowy sides at certain times through the movie. Most impressive was the fight in the Shanghai glass building lit with neon signs in the background. Beautiful and looks like something right out of anime. The Aston Martin returns with Ejector seat! Dame Judi Dench gives another great performance too.

Favorite Quote: “Go on then. Eject me. See if I care.” – eMma

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