A Good Day To Die Hard

Bruce Willis stars as Bruce Willis in the 5th Die Hard film ‘A Good Die to die hard’, a title which was taken from the Klingon saying “Today is a good day to die”.

I was glad to hear so many bad reviews for this before I watched it as my lowered expectation and pissy mood made this mildly entertaining. I wasn’t as disappointed as I expected and it’s better than ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘. There was even a “fuck” and a “yippie Kay Yay Mother Fucker” in this one that was totally inaudible in the previous film. In my opinion John McClane isn’t John McClane unless he can say “fuck” a lot which is what I realized when I watched the unrated version of ‘Live Free and Die Hard’. Unfortunately Willis doesn’t care or doesn’t remember about what his character used to be like but this John McClane isn’t the one we know from the first 3 films in the franchise… Maybe it’s the hair or something….

But does it matter? We’re never going to get a ‘Die Hard’ like we used to anyway so character development is out the window. To think that the original ‘Die Hard’ gave their character’s 23 minutes before anything exploded, before anyone was shot. Now we’re lucky if we even get 10 minutes in action movies such as this.

Lets not even get started on the rating system the film has. In some countries it has a lower rating to gain more of a younger audience but from reports of the R rated version there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between cuts. The whole situation stinks of the studio only giving a rating that will get the largest audience in each country.

The Good, the return of the Die Hard theme music, the action, the car chase, when things went kaboom! etc. The Father Son storyline isn’t pretty fluff and the only good moment between McClane and his son is when they say they love each other before going into a shoot out which might (haha) kill them. The Villains of the story aren’t all that interesting but are far more imposing than that joke of a guy in Die Hard 4.
So I don’t know what else to say about this, it’s not really Die Hard and it’s nothing like the Die Hards we used to know. If you like action and especially CGI action with superhuman like characters then go see it. Leave your brain at home. To me this film just seems to be a set up to keep the franchise going with McClane’s son Jack taking on the mantle.

Fuck that.

Favorite quote: “Need a Hug?” – John McClane

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