The Hangover 3

Quite frankly this doesn’t really have anything to do with it’s title. There’s hardly any drinking in the film.After the Hangover 2 everyone wanted a different formula but what we got isn’t anything that really resembles what came before. Instead of reworking the basic premise they throw it out the window and we get a very poor action film with a bunch of comedy actors.

Giving Chow such a large role in the movie wasn’t all that interesting to me. I didn’t find his character funny in the first film nor the second and I don’t see his popularity. Such a weak character shouldn’t have the premise of the film be set around him. The world has moved on from such one dimensional characters.

If the film had started with the last scene I’d be happier seeing that as the adventure. Same formula but better than what we got here.

Favorite Quote: “Holy Sh*t”. – Phil

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