Blind Fury


Blind Fury is a loose remake of the 17th Zatoichi movie ‘Zatoichi Challenged‘ starring Rutger Hauer. The film floats somewhere between a family TV movie of the week and a grindhouse film.

Having lost his eye sight in combat in Vietnam, Nick Parker spends years training before returning to the USA in order to talk to the man who left him alone on the field of battle. By chance he gets mixed up with a gang who are after the kid of his ex army buddy and so he must protect the kid while trying to get him back to his father, who now cooks drugs.

It’s a somewhat fun movie,  Hauer is legend in anything he does so it was enjoyable watching him cut people up ala Zatoichi style. He plays the blind character well and there is a definite comedic tone running throughout his performance. While his skill doesn’t match that of Shintaro Katsu the action is never the less interesting and it does contain all the usual Zatoichi tropes from gambling to minor fumbles to steel cold killer. It just all comes off a little too cheesy though, especially with that annoying kid. But thems the 90s movies I’m afraid. If it had been the 80s this would have been a gritty and gory film. If you watch it all the way to the end you’ll even see where George Lucas got his inspiration for Star Wars Episode I’s ending.

As remakes of Zatoichi films go it’s not as entertaining as ‘Blindman’ but worth watching simply because it’s Rutger Hauer

Favorite Quote: “I also do circumcisions.”  – Nick

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