The Wolverine

the-wolverine-teaser-posterAs X-Men (man) films go ‘The Wolverine’ aint half bad. But it aint all good either bub.

The focus of almost every X-Men movie with the exception of ‘First Class’ has been on the Wolverine character. That is down not only to the likability of the character but also because of the portrayal by Hugh Jackman whom will most likely be the best actor to ever play Wolverine and capture the personality of the character so well. The best movies with Wolverine have definitely been under the direction of Brian Singer though. While the character plays better with an ensemble cast as the outsider, I still think he can work just as well in a stand alone film. Unfortunately they’ve striked out once on this idea with X-Men Origins: Wolverine which was over the top kiddie fodder action and splosions galore. They seemed to have striked out again here with ‘The Wolverine’ although in a far more entertaining manner that brings us a bit closer to the Wolverine movie we want to see. I think the problem is that because it’s a comic book movie and an X-Men movie and a 20th Century Fox movie we probably won’t get the “one man on a journey” movie that doesn’t depend on lots of special effects or other characters with mutant powers. If this was really just Logan against the rest of the non mutant world in Japan I think it would have been a far more interesting character piece.

Despite being hungover while watching this I found myself getting confused by the amount of plot points and twists they stuffed into the film. First I guessed right away that we’re gonna see that old guy again. What I didn’t get was who was on who’s side and who was fighting who and for what reason when the ultimate goal was to get Logan. It’s all a bit unclear. Unclear too is what that lizard, froggy type lady was all about, besides spitting in peoples faces her powers aren’t really explained.

What was good though was the action, the opening scenes were amazingly horrifying. The fight on top of the Bullet Train was fantastic and kept things within the realms of believability. I liked the idea that Logan is now on more level terms with the people he is fighting against and it made the action that bit more entertaining so again I question the need for other characters with heightened abilities.

The violence seems a bit timid too compared to berserker x-men 2 moments. This time I didn’t see any blades coming out the other side of people’s bodies. They magically disappeared.

I love Hiroyuki (The Duke) Sanada in this. He should have had a bigger role and be the main villain. At least he didn’t go down like a punk and went out like the Duke should!

The end fight with the giant silver samurai with the flaming sword (yes that’s right) is a bit meh. Seems like an idea pulled from the ending of a computer game. Anyways the real value of the ticket I purchased came in the mid end credits when Ian fucking Mckellen and Patrick kick your ass Stewart show up to warn Logan about the impending release of ‘X-Men Days of Future Past` next year. Man!!!! It’s soooo great to see Patrick Stewart onscreen again after so long, he’s been off it too long. This scene left me with the biggest dumb school girl grin on my face.

Favorite Quote: “Go fuck yourself, pretty boy.” – Logan

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