Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Much like the movies the tone of the books start to take a darker turn with repeated scenes of Harry hearing the final scream of his Mother before she dies trying to save him. We also have Harry wanting to take revenge for his parents and we’re told how Sirus Black coldly killed a bunch of Muggles in a past incident. It’s a turning point.

For the 3rd book in the series it takes the longest to get going and there’s a lot of pages that stop to explain what’s happened in the previous two books and who such and such a character is. For someone picking up the book for the first time it’s good but I hope as I continue with future books that the reader will be expected to know most of this.

It is the first book though to explain in detail things that the movies gradually started to leave out and the appearance of Black near the end is less jarring and everything makes sense!

Beyond all this and beyond the addictive reading my biggest gripe with the book is the lack of Dumbledore. The best character with the greatest lines in the previous books is hardly in this. I got excited every time he appeared in the book only for him to leave soon after with himself and Harry not having one of their conversations until the very end. Instead Professor Lupin takes on the role of the wisdom giver and being something of a mentor to Harry. Dumbledore does nail it in the end though when Harry confides that he stopped his parents betrayer from being killed. Dumbledore reminds him more directly than Professor Lupin that we can’t see the outcome of our choices and his words round off one of the main themes in the book. Mercy. A theme and conversation which is very similar to that of Frodo and Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring.

I’m currently doing these books about one a year but I think I might try and squeeze in reading another if I can especially since it’s all going to hit the fan in the next book with Voldemort. Then again, the next Book is double the length of this one…

Favorite Quote: “The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.” – Dumbledore

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