The Night of the Doctor

Before you read anything else beyond this watch the 6 minute episode of ‘The Night of The Doctor’ first.

The internet is going into meltdown as I write this and I can’t say I blame it having watched this short episode a little over an hour ago. I must have woken up half the people in my building by shouting “No Fu*king Way!!!!”.


The return of the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann!

The response to this short prequel episode that comes before the big 50th anniversary episode has been phenomenal in such a short space of time.  BBC are you listening? The internet wants an 8th Doctor series. I wouldn’t mind one too. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the TV movie featuring the 8th Doctor but this is something rather special and more 8th Doctor has been something fans have been banging on about for years.

What we got here finally was the ultimate fate of the 8th Doctor. We had all wondered previously if he had been killed in the Time War by doing something that ended both it and his 8th incarnation which lead to Chris Eccleston’s 9th Doctor. Here we see that this was not the case. That actually the 8th Doctor wanted no part of the War but had found himself in a Universe that had wanted no part of him (specifically Timelords) either.

I can’t help thinking about all of the 8th Doctor’s adventures we’ve missed. If only he could come back for a few more. If not a full series then a special? A web series? Come on!


Favorite Quote: “4 minutes?! That’s ages. What if I get bored and need a Television, a couple of books, anyone for chess? Bring me knitting.” – The 8th Doctor

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