The Film that makes you want to drink for the right reasons. Going into gravity I knew little about it and tried to keep my expectations low. I’m not the biggest fan of George and Sandra so I wasn’t overly hyped to see it. But after seeing it I was telling everyone I knew to go see it. It’s easily the best film of 2013. It totally ups the game for all sci-fi movies from now on as to how they film scenes in space. People praise JJ Abrams work on Star Trek for how he shot the exterior scenes of Ships in space but this film shows the Alfonso Cuarón is the visionary director. Taking cues from films like ‘2001’ he re-introduces the physics and danger of space travel.

Even if the stunning visuals of what was onscreen did not exist this would still be a thrill a minute movie. The countdown to disaster is at Hitchcockian level of film making keeping your heartrate up throughout as the derbis from the space satelittes come around every 90 minutes.

As for the 3d. I’m not the biggest fan of 3d but, yes, it does actually add to the film and I would say that 3d is an effect that is more suited to Science fiction movies due to their nature of having spaceships fly out of the screen at you. One scene from the film I loved was the tear drop that comes out towards you representing the isolation of the character in space and the emotional separation between the audience and Sandra Bullock’s character. That tears floats as if reaching out towards us to make a connection.

Gravity is just one of those films that reminds you what films are all about. Once the film was over and I had found my Earth legs again I headed straight for the bar to grab a beer and chill. I love it when a film has that kind of power over you.

Side note: Did anyone else expect to see a destroyed statue of liberty? Jesus I was panicking.

Favorite Quote: “you gotta plant both your feet on the ground and start living life” Matt Kowalski

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