Before Midnight

I remember being introduced to Before Sunrise while sitting on a bus talking to a girl in Kobe many years ago and didn’t get round to actually seeing it (and seeing the irony of been told about it on a bus) until I was persuaded to do so by another girl whom I considered to have good taste in movies too.
Romance movies aren’t really my thing but what I like about Before Sunset, Sunrise and Midnight is that they’re a little bit more genuine than most.

I think the popularity in these movies lie in the fact that we can all relate to them and as we get older we’ll definitely relate to Before Midnight more. I think the film perfectly shows a typical couple, especially through their arguments. Granted, not all of us are married or have kids but the way couples argue doesn’t change much. Relationships are complex, the ways we argue and treat one another less so. I like seeing Jesse and Celine nine years on and having them being a couple and actually having spent some of their life together instead of a day. It’s a very satisfying film to see. Even though they treat each other more as a couple there is still that spark and freshness to them that was there all those years ago when they first met. No matter how screwed up at times they are, it’s better than the silence that develops between other people in relationships. Chrissakes…. Am I reviewing a movie or am I talking about life?!  Well that’s what the movie is though, the life of a couple, and it’s acted so well that it comes across as natural. You can’t help investing yourself in these people.

I had wondered if at the end they might actually break up and then 9 years later we see them meet again but I think this is a nice point to leave the relationship at if we are not going to see them again. It shows the normality of a what a real relationship can often be.

So I wonder if we will we get another sequel 9 years later. It’s a nice point to end at 3 films but it would still be unique to have another perspective on their relationship years later if they kept it going till they were in their 80s, another 4 movies away…. Might we one day see Ethan Hawke’s Jesse build the time machine?

Favorite Quote: “if you want true love, then this is it. This is real life. It’s not perfect, but it’s real. And if you can’t see it, then you’re blind, all right, and I give up.” – Jesse

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  1. Colin says:

    I caught this at an outdoor screening in Athens last summer. I thought it was a nice follow-up and caught the mood of a couple after some years together nicely.
    I have a hunch a lot of people, of a certain generation anyway, can relate to this stuff very well.

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