The Wolf of Wallstreet

Just batsh*t insane movie that I loved every second of. People say it’s too long but there was never a point in the movie where I felt bored or uninterested in what was happening. The movie moves so fast that you don’t have time to think but just enjoy what’s up there. If it had been an hour longer I would have had no trouble staying in my seat. In a way it’s addictive like the drugs it portrays in the movies. Cocaine does make you feel like you can do anything and watching Leo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort on screen for 3 hours leaves you with the feeling that you can do anything too. If I hadn’t been in a cinema full of reserved patrons I might have thrown my fist up in the air with a deep growling “YEAH!” as Belfort gave his speech. Yes, some of these assholes got away with it, but what a ride. It seems like Martin Scorsese has made a film for a generation audience here.

Leonardo DiCaprio is so good in this and I think he actually works best as a physical actor. One only has to see his performance in a drugged state as he tries to get into his Lambo (fookn hilarios) to see that the man’s talent lies in his body movements. Even take ‘Django Unchained’ where he smashed that glass, for real, on the table and kept going, bloody hand and all. This makes Belfort the perfect character for him because these larger than life people let him release his full acting skills. He’s definitely matured as an actor. I can only give the finger to his ex fans who now dislike him because he’s “gotten older”.

Favorite Quote: “I am not gonna die sober!” – Jordan Belfort

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