Sadako 3D Joypolis Experience

Usually around the release of a new Ring movie Joypolis in Odaiba Tokyo creates a themed attraction that accompanies it. The first attraction of it’s kind was back in 1999 based on Ring with another following in 2001 based on Ring 0. Sadako 3D is the most recent of these themed attractions to appear in Joypolis.

Basically it’s a walk through a dark corridor with some person or persons dressed as Sadako chasing you.

Doesn’t sound scary right? Well when I saw Sadako I f**king ran for my life.
It lasts about 10 minutes. You walk through some dark areas while the guide explains the various rooms to you, each room might have a Well or some outline of a body. In the beginning we watch a cursed video (the one from Sadako 3D unfortunately) and then we are walked through to the next room. Strange things happen. Loud noises occur and Sadako chan appears. The guide tells us to run. We all follow him, I could make it by walking. There was a couple beside me and the guy was almost clinging to me instead of his girlfriend when Sadako appears. We decide to switch places and as Sadako appears again, we run. We make it safely into the next room, still in darkness. Then the guide suddenly informs me that Sadako is right next to me, I jump in terror preparing to run again until I’m informed by the guide that he was mistaken. However I have now almost creamed my pants at this stage and it’s me wanting to cling to the guys gf in terror every time Sadako appears again.

All in all there is not much to see. Running into or having other people run into you in the dark isn’t exactly worth the price of admission. There are other attractions to be seen at Joypolis that might be more worth your time and your underwear.

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